Product & Packshot Visualisation

Product & Packshot 3D Visualisation

Making a commercially attractive image of a physical product is a critical task in the promotional campaign, but making it with the help of physical staging and photographing is not always feasible and most often expensive. Forget about extensive costs with our product visualization services! We can model any product image for you by adding any textures, colors, and materials you wish.

We also provide hyper-realism visualization options for you to impress clients with professional, aesthetic, and visually appealing images. Moreover, this service is truly invaluable in the preparation of product packaging, advertising brochures, and other promotional material long before the actual product launch.

By ordering the product and packshot visualization from us, you will receive a team of professional artists and designers making your product CGIs fully customized to your company’s vision and philosophy, tailored to specifics of your brand, and complying with your lighting and camera angle preferences. The resulting CGIs are flawless, realistic, and visually attractive, so you receive a number of undoubtable benefits by choosing visualization instead of photographing the physical product:

  • We can achieve the exact angle for the same product in different colours or finishes
  • Saving your CAD data, we can produce extra visuals in exactly the same angles
  • We can achieve a number of creative lighting styles and effects
  • Cost-effectiveness and speed of project’s execution

Get ready for the release with our 3D visualisation to start earning from sales earlier – optimize your product launch and sales schedules.

Technical Visualisation / CGI

If you want to make complex technical documentation intelligible for the broad circle of your clients, use our technical visualisation services for production of clear and physically appealing manuals, web content, and promotional materials. We offer a perfect combination of physical clarity and appeal, while at the same time maintaining compliance with technical requirements and standards. Thus, we make your technicalities understandable for the broad audience of potential clients who are mostly laypersons.

Product Colorways

High-quality 3D visualisation allows experimenting with different colorways and adjustable configurations of 3D models without extra effort and trouble. Since the model and camera are fixed, you can craft customized colorway solutions, thus making the outcome creatively tailored to your individual needs and expectations.

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