Property App Features:

  • photoreal virtual tour (Gear VR, Tablet, WEB)
  • augmented reality feature
  • interior design customization option
  • interior panoramic view
  • 3D plan view
  • real window view
  • exterior panoramic view
  • detailed information on property object
  • apartment availability information
  • pricing information
  • booking/purchasing option
  • sharing option

Property App is our bespoke product which has been developed to improve the process of presenting launched property and property under construction. With its unique complex of features you can start working with clients even when the property is at the development stage. The main idea is to give the client a chance to evaluate all advantages of the potential purchase. With our Property App there is no more need to fly to another continent or to drive to the neighbouring city, because you can take a real tour inside the property! You can also take a look at the panoramic exterior or interior view and experience the window view from your future potential apartment. We have added the feature of design customization in order to give your clients a chance to express their priorities within interior design of the potential property. Let this app do the work for you and the promotion will be greatly improved.

Property App Advantages:

  • Enable your clients to take a photoreal virtual tour in order to experience the feeling of actual presence inside the apartment
  • Show apartments on sale and the ones already sold
  • Provide a possibility for your clients to change finishes on interior items within apartments
  • Save time for your clients and agents by demonstrating newly built properties instead of travelling to the actual property location
  • Get statistics to trace your client's user experience
  • Show your clients a real view from the selected apartment's windows, which changes according to the level selected
  • Create a list of your properties for marketing, sales and promotion purposes
  • Find out which objects and their features are the most popular among your clients (Property App users)

Our Property App