Who We Are

VisEngine is an international company with headquarters in London and offices in United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Poland. Established in 2009, we have assembled a team of highly creative professionals, able to find the right 3D visualisation, Virtual Reality or IT solution that best suits each individual project.

We take pride in sustaining long-term relationships with each of our clients, and our wide-ranging client base is our best customer satisfaction indicator. VisEngine can bring any of your ideas to life, by combining technical expertise and efficiency, and always working to the highest standard.


Virtual Reality

Present your projects, including those at the developmental stage, within an accurate, 3D-developed, Virtual Reality environment.

3D Visualisation

Using high-quality 3D visuals, any design can be turned into a stunning image, accelerating project and product introduction.

Real Estate Marketing

Promote real estate and provide expert consultancy using interactive Property Mobile Apps, VR and 3D visualisation.

3D Modelling

An object created in 3-dimensional environment gives a clear vision of a design, and enhances a typical sketch or 2D drawing into an accurate digital image or interactive 3D model.

3D Animation

Offer a more entertaining and informative outlook of a project, and give multiple perspective views on it using 3D animation videos.

3D Configurator

Experience virtual customization of any type of product with the help of an advanced 3D Configurator Application.

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