10 Years – Is It a Lot or Not?

Everything is relative. What is a moment in terms of the universe – for a day-fly it is almost eternity. But if you compare it with the life of a person, 10 years is already the first anniversary. We started our journey exactly 10 years ago and we can safely say that though 3D technology is a relatively new industry, due to the rapid growth and achievements in this area nobody can reproach it for being too young or inexperienced.

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This has been a long and interesting way. Sometimes hard and thorny – when you had to overcome difficulties step by step. At other times we were moving like a bullet train, having a hard time noticing how quickly everything around us changed and transformed, including ourselves.

How did We Start?

They say, first grapes – then wine. We have also been growing gradually – before creating VR tours, interactive plans and 3D videos we worked with furniture. As a matter of fact, we still work on configurators and make 3D models of furniture from time to time, but at first it was our only domain. VisEngine has already outgrown this kind of work – now we develop much more complicated projects. However, we have really benefited from this phase. We know for sure that no little or seemingly unimportant things should be left out because we work within the sphere where we are trying to create something so perfect that it can be mixed up with a real thing.

The number of our clients and team members was growing, the territory of our projects was expanding, the perspectives and level of complexity of our tasks was changing. Exhibitions, presentations, personal meetings. Rooms, apartments, houses, streets and districts. We took challenge after challenge.

Who can say how many cups of coffee have been consumed, how many hours of sleep have been missed, how many times the eye was twitching when something went wrong? It has always been like that: behind every beautiful picture there are a lot of hardworking professionals, who systematically, step by step, do their job.

If you work in this or related spheres, you know exactly what I am talking about. When a file won’t save and everything that can go wrong… goes wrong at the crucial moment. At times like this, your brain is hysterically trying to look for a possible solution and, oddly enough, finds it even if at first it seemed there was nothing you could do. When the deadline was yesterday and you were on time – you sighed with relief but, all of a sudden, there is a comment saying that the chair should be moved 2 cm to the left. Not a big deal, but it cannot be done in 2 minutes.

Everyone knows that people’s thoughts, as well as tastes, differ. And this works not only when we talk about the relationship between client and contractor. We portray dreams and perspectives, so it is difficult to find the best solution.

Is that familiar?

And there have been quite a number of such situations. But we really like it because in almost every complicated situation, somehow, we manage to find a solution. We excel ourselves day after day and we really appreciate our clients’ trust.

The best thing about it is that even after working for 10 years in the sphere of 3D our aspirations and enthusiasm are still here. How can you get tired of the job where every day you are faced with a new and interesting challenge? Today it is an office, tomorrow – an apartment, the day after tomorrow it is already an entire island. And it is almost impossible to stop. You need to learn something new and sharpen your skills all the time.

That is the way we are. We are VisEngine team and this is our 10-year anniversary. Has it been 10 years already? – No, it’s been ONLY 10 years.

Stay tuned for more!

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