3D Configurator

3D Configurator is our bespoke mobile and WEB application that enables virtual customization of every type of product in 3D. 3D Configurator can be used as:

  • catalogue of your 3D models/products (furnishings, lighting, sanitary ware, cars)
  • library of items for iOS, Android or Mac which allows you to present and use 3D models


  1. 3D customization of any type of product
  2. Ability to move and replace objects in space as well as change materials
  3. Ability to design a space using Augmented Reality technology
  4. Possibility to see and choose every variation of product and its options in detail
  5. Ability to get a real image: take a picture, use a 3D model, and see how it suits the real space

Advantages for Manufacturers:

  • Article pre-production (prototype) development. Develop a 3D model of a new/existing product collection using a drawing, sketch or image to get an ability to see the product in 3D from different angles as a real object. Without going through a real production process it is easy to develop all possible product variations in order to present full spectrum of available product types.
  • Prototype article presentation. Get a photorealistic image of the developed product within interior space or as a cut-out for catalogue and website presentation. Get a chance to promote a product even before the models have been put into production.
  • Prototype article material and texture configuration. Change the textures and materials instantly using 3D Configurator. Create a perfect item for the client right in in their presence and thus avoid postponing product presentation due to product absence.
  • Export 3D models in .png format to show how the item will look in a real interior.
  • Save an exported 3D model for further design development.

Advantages for Designers:

  • Develop a 3D model needed for an interior/exterior design; this model could also be used for future design solutions.
  • Use developed 3D models for a catalogue or website presentation to illustrate the variety of products available for sale or design usage.
  • Save time and budget while replacing materials and textures of items instantly to match other interior/exterior changes made. Share 3D models with clients in order to discuss and change certain objects of the created design right at the design studio. Use a 3D model to add it on the picture of the real interior from your gallery to present to clients.

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