3D Visualization - A Reliable Ally of Designers in the Presentation of the Interior Design

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Each designer wants the project he developed to be implemented, which is an indicator of their professionalism. Therefore, they carefully prepare for the presentation of their concept because it is not always easy to surprise the client at the presentation of the interior concept. This moment is preceded by hours of communication with the customer, understanding their wishes, researching materials, and directly developing the concept itself. As a designer, you want to showcase every aspect of your work and get customers to see your ideas the way you see them. It is necessary to demonstrate the beauty and remarkable details of each room. There is little traditional set in the form of a room plan, sketch, mood board, and a sample of furniture with elements of finishes.

Room visualizations will help you to showcase your concept as effectively as possible. Thanks to their photorealism, you can show all the solutions precisely as they are conceived and impress the most demanding customers. Let’s take a closer look at what and how renderings can be helpful for interior designers.

1. Effective demonstration of apartment planning

Let’s be frank, 2D floor planning can be quickly and fully understood by not many people, and it is even more challenging to grasp the size of a room only by digital indicators. Fortunately, 3D visualization can demonstrate the room more effectively and add objects for comparison. This helps the viewer understand the space’s size and the arrangement of furniture and other items as if they were right in the room. Moreover, 3D visualization allows you to show the layout from viewing angles most likely unavailable in real life.

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2. Presenting the room style

The style of the room is exactly what should catch people’s eyes at first glance at the visualization. Depending on the customer’s wishes, you develop the interior of his dreams, so both general features and small accents must be recognizable and relevant. The first look is essential and affects decisions because it makes customers love the project. And if the customer immediately says yes to the overall concept, they will be highly interested in looking at the details that emphasize the chosen option. CGI allows you to enlarge the small details to look at every detail of the selected style.

3. Creating a unique atmosphere

When the room’s design is still under development, it is essential to show its prospects and convey the atmosphere of the interior that is still to be created. As a designer, you need to prove that your development is exactly what the customer needs.

Using the magic of CGI, you can create a unique atmosphere in the room, showing it how it would look in real life. The magic of lighting and all the little details make a feeling of warmth: textured textiles, pillows, blankets, cute little things, plants in stylish pots, and everything else. This way, your customers will “feel” the room by looking at the renderings.

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4. Showing the room by day and night lighting

Daylight in an apartment is a factor that is noticed before buying housing because it will set the daily mood and can not be adjusted. But perfectly designed evening lighting is absolutely important and can be adapted. This factor cannot be ignored, because we are talking about a space where people rest at late hours. As an interior designer, you must demonstrate the types and locations of lighting fixtures and carefully crafted lighting scenarios explicitly designed for the night. Seeing the premises under starlight at different times of the day, the customer will be sure of the feasibility of specific design solutions.

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5. Qualitative demonstration of finishing materials

Finishing materials and textiles are two other important things that create the coziness of any room. To show your customers how much attention you put into their interior design, you must pay attention to the materials you choose. Curtains, sofa upholstery, carpeting – everything matters. Thanks to CGI close-ups, you can almost feel what each of these items are to the touch so that the customer will have no doubts about the choice of textile and processing designer, and you will be able to demonstrate each texture close and in the highest quality.

With 3D visualization, you can always be sure that your customers fully understand your ideas. From the location of the furniture to the atmosphere of space – with CGI you can cover all aspects of the interior.

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