3D Walkthrough and 3D Animation Walkthrough Differences & Similarities

3D Walkthrough and 3D Walkthrough Animation are both used in the real estate business. An animation is a wonderful solution to present a project, while a walkthrough is handy for developing a draft and letting a client wander in the future building. Get to know what are the best ways to apply 3D rendering in the real estate field!


Why Does Rendering Take so Long?

(*which is, technically, not true)

Everybody who has ever been involved in the visualisation process as a customer or a 3D artist (a visualiser) probably realizes that a render is something very different from an instant photo. A visualizer is familiar with the technicality, whereas the client might ask ‘Why so long?’, or ‘Why SO long?!’ I must say these questions are not entirely groundless but they have quite logical answers to them. Let’s try to figure out what is all the precious time spent on and if the process can be sped up.


Top Real Estate Marketing Tools

Today, if you want to achieve great results in your business, it’s not enough to provide a high quality service or product. The market is overwhelmed with players, and customers have the wildest choice ever to select from. Undoubtedly, real estate is not an exception: if you don’t make efforts to communicate with your potential customers and promote your business, you risk being left far behind your rivals. That’s why you should do your best to let the world know about your amazing property on sale. In other words, you need to tailor a viable marketing strategy to get closer to your customers and beat your competitors.  


5 Virtual Reality Facts You Should Know

Virtual Reality is something fantastic and new… It is only for those who play computer games… Also, it is very complicated… It is nothing serious, just kids’ stuff… These allegations about VR are not that uncommon – although quite far from reality. Here is the list of clear proofs why you shouldn’t believe them:

Virtual Reality Trends 2020

Virtual Reality Trends 2020

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing technologies and new industries start adapting VR every year. VR completely changes the future of some industries and the way they operate, for example, gaming or education, bringing it to the next, immersive level.


How You Can Make Things Change in One Click or Real-time Rendering

It is no news for anyone that most inventions and technologies are not used for their original purpose. Real-time rendering is no exception to that. Something that was initially designed as one of the gaming technologies now has moved beyond the limits of industry. The real estate sector didn’t stay immune to the trend and has adapted it to its own needs. If you would like to know more about the advantages and areas of use of real-time rendering, please bear with us.

Top 5 VR headsets to buy in 20201

Top 5 VR Headsets to Buy in 2020

As VR technology evolves year after year, it is becoming increasingly user friendly and provides a better experience for the customer, with more convenient pricing. We have reviewed and selected the best VR headset for you to buy in 2020 – both for business and personal entertainment. However, the best VR headset option is not going to be the same for everyone.

10 years - is it a lot or not

10 Years – Is It a Lot or Not?

Everything is relative. What is a moment in terms of the universe – for a day-fly it is almost eternity. But if you compare it with the life of a person, 10 years is already the first anniversary. We started our journey exactly 10 years ago and we can safely say that though 3D technology is a relatively new industry, due to the rapid growth and achievements in this area nobody can reproach it for being too young or inexperienced.


Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality for Real Estate

It isn’t the first time we raise the topic of Virtual Reality tours for real estate and the best way to do it. But as with all other spheres, VR for real estate has its assets and drawbacks. If you want to know more about the two sides of the same coin of the virtual world, stay with us.


3 Simple Solutions for a Perfect Off-plan Residential Real Estate Sales Offer

Real estate purchase is a fundamental step in every person’s life. Such a purchase is made not very often, that is why it is usually approached with all the seriousness and gravity, which implies making a thorough choice from all the existing options. Weighing all pros and cons, the buyer picks the best option, while the seller’s mission is to demonstrate all the advantages and persuade the buyer that their property is the best.


Why Exhibitions Are Important

So it has been a month since MIPIM 2019 finished, but does it mean that the work is over? Actually, it is the other way round. Now is the period of follow-ups, consolidating the results and stock taking. If you are eager to know why any exhibition is no joke and how MIPIM 2019 went, read on.


To Render, or Not to Render, That Is the Question

If you think that you have never seen a computer generated image (CGI), that is not completely true. Rest assured, everybody saw such images at some point – your children, parents or grandparents. Even if you sincerely believed that it was a photo.

Computer Generated Images, or CGI, are really widely used – it is convenient and beneficial. Our brief article will try to explain why, and whether you are the one who can benefit from it.

Configurator Chair

How to Pick Your Perfect Product and Not Go Crazy

For those in doubt and for those who want to immediately see the product of their imagination there exists a 3D configurator. It is universally applicable and easily deals with sizes, shapes and colours of almost any kind of product.


5 Ways to Immerse Yourself into Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality? It is fantastic, hard to imagine, just like in the movies and you will need to read a lot of professional stuff to be able to assess the benefits of this technology.” – One could hear such opinions just a few years ago, however, now it’s absolute nonsense. To see why VR is easy and fun, read on.

Top 5 tools in 3d visualization

TOP 5 Tools And Trends in 3D Visualisation

The world of 3D is constantly developing and evolving so rapidly that sometimes it may give you a hard time keeping up with all the changes and never-ending innovations. In this article we made an attempt to look back and see the shaping trends and tools in 3D visualisation so, if you would like to stay on top of things, bear with us!


Interior Design Trends of 2018

Continuous globalization, space optimization, fashion trends, self-branding and total lack of time is hardly a complete list of things that surround us every day. It is therefore not surprising that home, as a place where time stops and where you always want to return, despite everything, is of enormous significance for any person. And interior was, is and will remain the most important thing in the house.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Dreams That Become Reality

Combining reality and fantasy or immersing into the virtual world until recently seemed impossible, but today Virtual Reality is rather close to us in our daily lives. In one way or another, you must have encountered VR, perhaps, without even realizing it. How the technology is used now and what its prospects are in the future, you can find out in our article.


An Image Can Tell More – A 3D Animation Can Reveal Everything

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The same is with the video. Why browse dozens of pictures if you can watch 10 seconds of video and have an accurate idea of what you’re dealing with? What is a real purpose of making an architectural video? Is it really useful and applicable to your project? This and much more you will be able to find out from this article by VisEngine.


Highest Quality or How to Reach a Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Creating highly photorealistic 3D renderings is always the work of two: a Client and a CGI artist. Regardless of how much client is involved in the process of performing the task, the final goal is an outcome of the highest quality. Surely, there is no need for a Client to worry about the details of 3D visualisation process – this will be well taken care of by VisEngine highly professional team of 3D modelers and 3D artists. In this article we will outline the most crucial elements that form efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation between a Client and a 3D visualisation services provider.


We believe that our team is able to deliver the best assistance together with 3D visualisation and IT services of the highest quality.

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