Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology will change your perception of 3D visualization. Modern devices and technologies allow you to step beyond the ordinary and make the imagination a reality. VR is not just a marketing advantage, it's a space for creativity, the implementation of your ideas and plans. Try it once and you will definitely want to plunge into this wonderful atmosphere again. Experiment, explore, discover new opportunities for yourself and your business with VisEngine.

Static VR

In comparison with traditional CGI technology, our VR solutions and Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Sony Morpheus allow to produce full 360 3D panoramas and producing the realistic immersive experience for the customer. Such an option is an excellent choice for testing architectural or interior design projects and seeing whether they are as attractive in reality as they are in the customer’s mind. Moreover, presenting a static VR environment to the client is also a tremendous marketing advantage, allowing you to teleport the customers to any place in a second.

Be a part of VR

Ivy Villa

Virtual Tour 360°

Laurels Villa

Virtual Tour 360°

Hillside Villa

Virtual Tour 360°

Orion Yacht

Virtual Tour 360°


Animated virtual reality environments are much more realistic than static ones, since they allow immersive simulations and provide unprecedented opportunities for the viewer to interact with the watched content. It is much more informative to watch animated VR simulations and try architectural solutions in action.

Real-time VR

Real-time VR is a wonderful opportunity for the client or designer to experiment with several alternatives in the real-time virtual environment. It enables the user to walk through the 3D space and change items without losing the quality of visual content. Hence, it is truly amazing for making final touches and creating the ultimate 3D model looking exactly the way the client wants.