Exterior CGIs - The Secret to a Brilliant Architectural Presentation

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The interior design presentation is exciting. Demonstration of a plan for the future house is a responsibility. Defending the concept of a building complex is a challenge. And each architect seeks not only to develop the best solutions and implement their ideas but also to implement their project. This task requires considerable preparation because the architect must show the ensemble of buildings in a way understandable to a person who most likely has no experience in architecture. In addition, it is crucial to make the demonstration visually appealing so that the audience remains interested throughout the presentation. Investors’ approval of a large-scale project is at stake. For them, it is a substantial financial commitment, so surely, no detail will go unnoticed.

At first glance, the story sounds like something hard to reach. However, if you have already used 3D visualization services, you know that nothing is impossible in this area. If this is a novelty for you, Visengine has vast experience in architectural visualization. We are ready to tell you how to achieve all of that and how CGI architecture presentation can help you demonstrate any project.

So what are the advantages of using 3D visualizations to present an architectural complex project?

1. Demonstration of project scale

Since the goal is to demonstrate the architectural complex, there is no better way to show it than 3D visualization. And given that these are several buildings, it is essential to enable investors to appreciate their scale fully. To understand the parameters of anything, you need to compare it with something familiar.

For example, by showing your concept with street visualization, you will create a clear idea of the building size, as there will be people, cars, and other buildings for comparison. In addition, you can demonstrate the building from different angles: from a bird’s eye view, from an eye level, and details that require special attention in close-up. The investor will look at your planning ideas and finishing material solutions with ease. With the help of architectural renders, the viewer does not have to have a professional education to understand.

2. Demonstration of the complex infrastructure

Each building has its location and purpose, which are carefully thought out in the complex. And during the concept presentation, you have to convince the investor that the way you plan to organize the place is the most optimal. With CGI, you can show each building block individually and the entire ensemble to explain its infrastructure in detail.

For example, the project may include residential buildings, a business center, a gym, a playground, and other important functional areas. Thanks to exterior 3D visualizations, you can demonstrate each part of the complex in the context of real life to explain its functionality.

3. Demonstration of the design in its actual surroundings

During the presentation, it is extremely important to show how the group of buildings will look in the future. Visualization will help demonstrate how well your project fits into the environment, whether it is the city’s outskirts or, most importantly, the historical part of the city. Thanks to those images, you can assure investors that there is no dissonance, and it is your architectural solutions that are most profitable and deserve to be implemented.

In addition, you can demonstrate what the complex will look like at different times of the day, seasons and weather. In this case, careful work on the night lighting of the building will not go unnoticed. You can show the beauty and practicality of green spaces even when they are covered with snow.

A 3D architecture presentation can help you successfully demonstrate your concepts to customers. Therefore, if your goal is to comprehensively reveal the beauty of your building complex and demonstrate its appropriateness and relevance, CGI is undoubtedly your tool in achieving this goal. And importantly, renderings make it possible to fully communicate all aspects of design to the audience of investors without architectural training.

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