From a Bird’s Eye View: 3D Exterior Visualization – an Impressive Marketing Tool

The breadth of space, panoramas, views of architecture from a height do not leave anyone indifferent. CGI allows you to showcase such projects and customers find them much more impressive than plans of floor levels and just facades. So let’s talk about one of the most fascinating types of 3D visualization – aerial or bird’s eye view 3D rendering.

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Architects who choose 3D rendering can be sure that their work will not go unnoticed. There are many types of CGI, but when it comes to exterior visualization, the large-scale images from a bird’s eye view are perhaps the brightest of their representatives. With these images, architects can demonstrate concepts of any style and scale in an absolutely stunning way.

What are the features and benefits of this type of images? Let’s look at them step by step.

1. Panoramic 3D image shows the whole design

Exterior aerial 3D visualization is always impressive. Neither the street view nor the close-up image of the building allows you to fully see and feel the whole concept of the project. Panorama gives such an opportunity completely. Your client will see everything in the palm of your hand, the whole picture. The design solution will appear exactly as you intended, not limited to perspectives and angles of view.

2. 3D bird eye view helps to demonstrate the infrastructure of the project

When you present the concept of a large building or group of buildings, such as a residential complex or resort, it is very important to show the infrastructure of the whole complex. Maybe schools or gym nearby: for the viewer, such nuances can be significant arguments if they are considering buying an apartment in your project. Conveniences such as parking or recreation areas are very important for potential buyers. With this type of CGI you will be able to demonstrate all important locations.

3. Aerial CGI demonstrates the building in the environment

Let’s not tire of repeating: any building must be in harmony with what will surround it in the future. This is especially true of new buildings that will be erected in the middle of the old city. It does not matter whether the project provides the most integrated building in the city landscape, or vice versa, it will contrast with the environment, it is important to see how relevant your idea is in this particular case. Aerial 3D rendering will help you to show your idea. And this can be seen only from a bird’s eye view.

4. It is easy to estimate the size of the building

We cannot correctly determine the size of any object without comparing it with something well known to us. Therefore, there is no better way to understand the real dimensions of the future building than to look at it from above and see it next to other nearby buildings. 3D bird’s eye view is the perfect tool for this. Such CGIs help to demonstrate the entire structure from top to bottom in a real environment, helping to easily understand the scale of the building. Thus, in the case of a large-scale project, investors will be able to see how grand and luxurious it is.

5. View from the top shows the design features that can only be seen from this angle

Your project may include elements that cannot be seen “from the street”. For example, terraces on the roof of the house. Or maybe your complex has an original concept and a special shape that can only be seen from above. Showing them from above is the only effective way to effectively present such a design to investors.

These are 5 benefits of aerial or bird’s eye view 3D rendering that are guaranteed to be your allies in any presentation for your clients. You can evaluate this type of CGI from the VisEngine team here and here.

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