How does CGI Outsourcing Save Money for Architectural and Development Firms?

CGI is a reliable assistant for creating powerful presentations, promotional materials, and social media content for architects and developers. But is it always a budget solution? What is more profitable: outsourcing or hiring a full-time employee? How can money be saved? We answer these questions in the article.

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If you want to find a stunning solution for visual presentation of your real estate without 3D visualization, you can’t do without it. It is always bright and realistic images that will help you present your real estate project in the best light, even if it is still at the development stage. So, to get such images for further use, there are two ways: to find a full-time 3D artist or even a team, or to turn to an outsourcing company that specializes in architectural visualization. The first option looks attractive: direct proximity to specialists guarantees uninterrupted communication and control over their work – but let’s go step by step, is this thought not deceptive? Covid times have shown that outsourcing is a more successful solution with proper organization of work, experienced project managers and clear work processes. And if you take into account the financial aspect, then in most cases it is more profitable to transfer 3D visualization projects to outsourcing. So, how does CGI outsourcing save money for architectural and development firms?

1. Reduction of Production Costs

It should be understood that hiring a full-time 3D artist involves costs for hiring, equipping a workplace, salary, vacation, sick leave, etc. And you will also need to provide such a specialist with a constant and even flow of work, which is not always possible. For example, when an unusually large project appears, the specialist will be overloaded and will ask for extra pay for overtime. And when there are no projects and the employee has nothing to do, you still have to pay the salary. Outsourcing provides protection from all these problems. It saves your money, ensuring that everything is done professionally and on time. You don’t overpay because you are charged only for the final product and you get it only when you really need it.

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2. Economizing on Equipment and Software Explained

3D modeling and visualization are resource-intensive processes when it comes to hardware and software. Creating CGI on an underpowered computer can significantly affect the speed and quality of work, or even make it impossible. Some types of 3D services, such as 3D animation development, may sometimes require the use of a render farm. This is a network of powerful interlinked computers used exclusively for 3D rendering. Buying such expensive equipment for a few projects would not be a wise investment. Don’t forget about additional expenses, such as software for creating 3D visualizations, which is also not cheap. In addition, working with an outsourced CGI studio gives you access to libraries of ready-made 3D resources. These include 3D models, textures, and even scenes. Using ready materials not only increases the speed of work, but also saves money, since you don’t have to pay for individual modeling of each detail.

3. Choosing a Price Category of Supplier

If you hire local developers, there is a high probability that the prices they ask for their services will be more or less the same, and their skills will be limited. Outsourcing projects will allow you to select an ideal price-performance ratio for the work done, without being tied to geography. Professional CGI studios certainly have specialists who are fluent in English, or even willing to lead projects in other languages.

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Therefore, how outsourcing will surely save your budget due to reduced costs for the purchase of expensive equipment, salary payments, since you only pay for the images. In addition, there are additional advantages, such as access to libraries of ready-made CG resources and discounts that can save you a lot of money in the long run. And, of course, with outsourcing studios you have more options for prices and can choose the most appropriate one.

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