Immersion in the Intricacies of Yacht CGI: What You Need to Know about Marine 3D Visualization

This time it’s not about architecture or design. We do not often write articles on this topic, but it is definitely worth noting. Marine 3D visualization is not such a popular but very helpful service in the field of shipbuilding. What is better to choose and where to apply, we describe in the article.

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Yachts and the sea are usually associated with rest and serenity. But if it is your business and you are building or selling them, the romance of sea adventures takes on a slightly different tone. In your case, the visualization of yachts has a very practical purpose. Here you should decide why you need CGI and start from this, which options will meet your needs in the best way.

There are two main areas for which yacht visualizations are used:

1. Marketing

This is probably the most artistic and impressive way to showcase your shipping. Since your potential viewer is an interested person (investor, buyer or user of the services you provide), you can give free rein to your imagination in 3D development. These can be visualizations, 3D tours, fly through or 360 panoramas – it all depends on your target audience, marketing goals and how CGI is hosted. In this case, you are free to create artistic images that can be used not only as a digital tool, but also as promotional material in catalogs, billboards or other printed media.

2. Technical

Sometimes there is a need for visualization to explain the features of your yacht or ship. In this case, you get all the necessary images or videos, but with an emphasis on technical specifications.

Depending on your goals, you choose the best way to demonstrate the ship, or a combination of them, and the visualization studio will ensure that all your requirements and tasks are performed as accurately as possible, according to the brief and in a timely manner.

Once you have decided what 3D is for, it is time to choose the type of visualization for the yacht and marine industries. Let’s consider them:

1. Visualization in the environment

Perhaps the most common type of ship visualization is exterior visualization, which depicts a ship or yacht in the environment. This type of CGI represents a ship, so to speak, in its natural environment. Everything looks exactly like in real life.

Moreover, you are not tied to a specific geographical location: if your plans (or plans for a potential client) include a voyage from the North Sea to the Maldives, it makes sense to show the ship not only in the middle of the high seas, but also against the background of glaciers or palm trees. This excites the imagination and allows you to imagine yourself as a real participant in the voyage, even if the ship is under development or construction.

And, of course, this type of visualization does not limit you in where you will use them: whether it is printed marketing products, your site, social networks or specialized magazines. This will help to impress potential customers and feel like the real owners of a ready-made ship, which in reality is still under development or construction. The maximum realism of such materials is guaranteed.

2. Studio model

As the name implies, the image will only be a 3D rendering of the ship without any background or any other objects.

Apparently, this is an ideal type of rendering for technical tasks, especially considering that you are not limited in angles. The spectator can easily see not only the surface of the ship or yacht, but also those parts of it that are usually under water and are not visible without special equipment.

Also, this type of visualization allows you to use a transparent background. In this way the images can be used anywhere.

3. Interactive 3D model

In fact, this is the same studio image of the ship, but with the help of the application you can rotate it as you wish. You can zoom, rotate and move the model as you need. Compared to static renderings, you are not tied to a specific angle or to multiple projections.

4. Interior visualization

If we are talking about yachts or cruise liners, the visualization of the interior is no less interesting than the exterior. 3D images of cabins, living spaces, bars and restaurants, their design and features can be decisive for potential buyers, and therefore are an integral part of marketing materials and presentations. Very often, the design of such premises is the same work of art as the yacht or ship.

We should also not forget about the premises of merchant ships. And although they do not impress with special luxury, but they demonstrate the arrangement of working spaces and vacation spots for the crew.

5. Panoramas 360° and virtual walk-throughs

We have combined the description of these two services, because the functionality is similar.

In the first case, the viewer from one pre-selected point can look in all directions (as the name suggests), completely immersed in the atmosphere. This can be a panorama of both the interior and the exterior, where you can show the deck, or a lounge area, if provided by the configuration. A set of panoramas can be combined into an interactive map that will allow you to “jump” from one area to another.

In the case of virtual walks, the viewer can move freely by ship or yacht. It is more like a video game: you can go into any room and estimate the space, or go outside.

6. Video

Now video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. It can be a full-fledged animated video that describes your ship from a technical point of view, or an artistic video that will depict a yacht or ship as artistically and attractively as possible. We should not forget about short videos, which are so popular on social networks. High-quality 3D animation always attracts with its dynamics and original angles and will demonstrate the design exactly in the way you need.

If you are in the “marine theme” be sure to try one of these services for your business and evaluate their benefits. They will be able to become your reliable ally in the promotion and help to take your company’s services to a new level. And you can see examples of our marine work here and here.

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