Interactive 3D Master Plan - Benefits for Clients and Developers

A demanding client always wants to get as much information as possible from the developer about real estate. Perhaps the most informative tool for this is the Interactive 3D Master Plan. But it will be useful not only in communication with the customer. Read on to find out what other benefits you can get from this service.

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Interactive 3D Master Plan is a digital visualized representation of an existing master plan or project that combines interactive and three-dimensional elements. It combines architectural designs, urban planning concepts, and other relevant information in one image. Unlike a conventional master plan, the viewer has the opportunity to “immerse” themselves in the project and receive information that is not usually presented on master plans due to the specifics of their creation. It also allows you to evaluate the constituent elements of real estate from angles that are not available before the creation of a real object.

Therefore, the main goal of the Interactive 3D Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed project, allowing stakeholders to better understand it and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. Being in a virtual environment, people can interact with objects, manage them, and learn related information. Thus, Interactive 3D Master Plan becomes a universal tool for architectural and development companies that strive to provide the highest quality and informative service to their clients.

Here are some of the main features and benefits of Interactive 3D Master Plan for its users:

3D Visualization

The service offers a very realistic and immersive 3D visualization of the master plan. Users can explore the virtual environment, view buildings, landscape, and infrastructure from different viewpoints, and get a comprehensive picture of how the building will look in real life. The viewer may also be interested in the non-obvious advantages of the day/night view mode, which can showcase both the building on a sunny day and the outdoor lighting in the evening.


Users can interact with the 3D Master Plan by moving around in the virtual space, zooming in and out, rotating the model, and getting additional information about certain elements of the plan. This feature significantly improves the overall understanding of the project and provides detailed information about a particular selected object. The client can choose the angle of view of the building, take a closer look at the objects of interest, find out the building specification and other related information.

Contextual information

The plan can provide additional information that is not related to the object itself, but is tangential and potentially useful to the client. For example, information about transport infrastructure, green areas around the house, recreational areas, sports and playgrounds, shops, etc. can be added. This information helps users understand which of the necessary facilities are nearby, or what amenities they get when buying real estate in the area.

Up-to-date updates

The Interactive 3D Master Plan can be easily updated and modified, which means that the user will always have access to the latest information. The visualization can be customized to become a communication channel between the developer and the buyer, notifying the interested pages of project updates.

And, of course, Interactive 3D Masterplan should not only be customer-oriented. It can be an effective communication tool between a development company and a number of other organizations with obvious advantages:

Stakeholder collaboration

Interactive 3D Master Plan facilitates collaboration between stakeholders such as architects, urban planners, developers, and local communities. It allows them to visualize and discuss the proposed development, exchange ideas and provide feedback more effectively, leading to informed decision-making and better interaction.

Public involvement

Making the master plan available to the public promotes transparency. It allows residents, community members and other stakeholders to research and understand the proposed development, feel involved, and provide feedback and input into the planning process.

In general, Interactive 3D Master Plan is a powerful communication and decision-making tool that allows stakeholders to communicate, evaluate, and collaborate more effectively in urban development projects. It improves understanding, encourages participation, and contributes to a sustainable and well-designed environment. It also provides users with incomparable benefits by providing realistic 3D visualization and an interactive experience in real estate research.

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