Interactive Masterplan Application

What is Interactive 3D Masterplan Application?

Interactive 3D Masterplan Application is a tool that helps salespeople in the real estate industry to showcase properties to their customers in person or remotely. This multi-platform application offers extensive functionality, including search by name, location, cost, area size, availability of residential property and other important features.

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What are the features of Interactive Masterplan Application?

The main features of the Interactive Masterplan Application enable users to:

  • See surroundings from different viewpoints
  • Filter and highlight all unit types by budget, size, available amenities
  • See the general information of each unit, such as gallery, floor plan and price
  • Zoom into selected areas of the masterplan
  • See unit availability information and booking options
  • Share unit information with customers via email or social media
  • Explore the masterplan with street view 360 walkthroughs
  • Explore the outside and inside of any unit with photoreal 360 virtual walkthroughs
  • Fill in an enquiry form for potential clients

What project inputs have to be provided to develop Interactive 3D Masterplan Application?

The main list of inputs we require to start working on your Interactive Masterplan Application is comprised of:

  • Platform preferences – MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux etc.
  • Masterplan architectural drawings
  • Floor plans and elevations (.DWG)
  • Information on interior (selection of furniture, finishes etc) and exterior (surroundings and landscape specifications etc)
  • Gallery images (photos, CGIs)
  • UI/UX design guidelines (corporate branding), type of navigation and requirements on the user flow (if any)

What are the development stages of Interactive 3D Masterplan Application?

  • UI/UX and environment setup; App design development, review and approval
  • Full masterplan model development (buildings, landscape, hardscape elements modelling)
  • Masterplan texturing
  • Masterplan lightmapping
  • Test builds review and approval
  • Quality assurance tests
  • Final product release to production

What is a general user flow in the Interactive Masterplan Application?

The user flow in the Interactive 3D Masterplan Application can be presented as follows:

Intro page –> Enter Login & Password –> General information on a Project (location, masterplan, description) –> Phase selection –> Unit selection –> Assigning clients/buyers –> Creating new contact as potential buyer (new lead) –> Client Questionnaire –> Unit pre-booking/booking.

Content management system, Back-End and CRM of the Interactive 3D Masterplan Application?

  • Integration of an existing CRM with the Interactive Masterplan Application is possible
  • Development of a new CRM based on the client’s requirements is optional

Interactive Masterplan Application is compatible with different CRM-systems, such as SalesForce, Close, Agile CRM, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Copper, Zendesk Sell, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Insightly, Freshsales, Bitrix24, Dialpad, Less Annoying CRM and others.

In order to keep the information and content within the Interactive 3D Masterplan Application up-to date, content management system (CMS) is developed to perform the following actions:

  • Add/edit content and information
  • Manage availability of units
  • Access pre-saved forms of potential clients
  • Generate statistics and analytics reports

What are the platforms for the Interactive 3D Masterplan Application?

Interactive Masterplan Application can be run on as a desktop application (MacOS, Windows, Linux), cross-platform Web application, and tablet and mobile application (iOS, Android).

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