People are getting more and more demanding in terms of quality of information they are provided with. Clients in the sphere of construction and architecture are no exception. In order to meet the need of urgency, one has to be inventive when it comes to using absolutely different technologies. Our 3D digital tools have proved to be the most efficient way of demonstration. We are always amazed at how interesting and flexible this sphere is. Something that has been created for entertainment serves in the most serious and complicated areas. It is a fascinating tool, a highlight that solves a lot of problems.

Why does your business need a 3D Masterplan?

If you work in real estate – whether you are a developer, or an architect or any other player on the market – Interactive 3D Masterplan is a great flexible and multifunctional tool for you. It is indispensable as informational presentation for investors and a brilliant marketing assistant during the stage of sales. It is not just a picture or a panorama – a spectator is literally becoming part of the space.

How does it work?

Start with a general view. What already exists will be combined with new features. Houses, streets and districts. Roads, trees and rivers. Such a general plan not only allows assessing the landscape around, but also demonstrates what your client will be surrounded with every day, what roads they will have to take to get to work, where they will go for a walk. What is important here is to let the clients get acquainted with the key information about what the spectator is observing.

Everything is to be simple and intuitive for ease of use. Interactive Masterplan is, first of all, a tool that helps not only see the whole thing, the surroundings, but also find relevant real estate, look through the topical information, e.g., about the availability of a residential property, its cost and other characteristics. That is why all the essential information is directly integrated into the plan. Infographics will give you exhaustive data and reveal the main aspects of the project – no bulky texts or irrelevant references. Everything is absolutely clear, brief and easily accessible. We know that you value time – both yours and your client’s.

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