Maximizing the Benefits of Using Real Estate Advertising on Instagram: 6 Tips

There is no doubt that you can find everything on Instagram nowadays. But is there a place for architects, developers, and designers? Of course! Read on to find out how this network can be useful and how to use it for professional purposes.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. In the real estate marketing industry, where visuals are paramount, Instagram has become the perfect way to connect with potential clients. However, the platform’s popularity also means that it is oversaturated, making it difficult to grab the attention of potential customers with your ads. Creating eye-catching images and applying an effective social media marketing strategy are vital to ensuring the success of your real estate ads on Instagram. Moreover, this platform can be actively used not only for sales, but also for advertising yourself as a professional.

Here are 6 factors to consider that will help you make the most of Instagram in a professional context.

1. Format

Since most Instagram users access the platform through the app, make sure your ads follow a specific Insta format, which is very important for the first impression. For stories, create vertical content that is visually appealing and harmonious on smartphones because it takes up the entire screen. For posts, make sure that each shot adds value and is consistent with your firm’s branding strategy, especially if the ad leads to your website.

2. Video content

Instagram’s algorithms favor video content, particularly Instagram Reels. Take advantage of this by posting a variety of video formats, such as real estate reviews and 3D animations of buildings under construction. Live broadcasts and interactive Q&A sessions further engage the audience, so think about how to showcase your product in the most interesting way and test different formats.

3. Quality

Instagram does not tolerate low-quality images. Blurry photos and shaky videos will work for casual entertainment posts. However, if you want to hook the viewer, you should take care of the quality of the materials. It doesn’t have to be photos, 3D visualizations are great for demonstrating this type of content. High-quality content is essential for engaging viewers. And combining CGI with photos expands your visual arsenal, allowing you to showcase projects to completion, present different interior design options and explore different lighting scenarios, etc.

4. Interactivity

Interactive and fun content engages viewers. Use Instagram story features such as questions, quizzes, and polls to encourage users to engage. Offer a choice between different 3D designs, photos, or CGI, and ask viewers to rate the image, or ask users to rate pictures in different lighting or weather conditions.

5. Expertise

Demonstrate your professional experience and expertise by sharing valuable insights and information. For example, for real estate agencies, provide tips on how to increase property value. Developers can demonstrate the stages and processes of construction. Supplement such Instagram ads with informative images for additional impact on the viewer.

6. History

Viewers like consistent chronological content because it creates a certain story, a narrative that is interesting to watch. Present, for example, the construction process in stages, share before and after pictures. Use CGI to create content when photos are not available. Comparing 3D visualizations of projects with the final results increases audience interest and builds trust, because the viewer can see how the idea matches the result.

To attract the attention of potential customers on Instagram, you need a well-thought-out approach. Since the platform is full of visual elements, competition is fierce. However, by following these tips, you will be able to create high-quality, engaging, interactive, and viewer-centered content for Instagram. By doing so, you can build a professional reputation, establish relationships with your audience, and find your ideal customers or clients.

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