Real-time Rendering

Real-time rendering is not new – it has been used in the gaming industry for quite a long time, but now we can surely say that it has also become one of the most important parts of the world of real estate.

Real-Time Rendering: What is It?

Real estate developers from all over the world pay close attention to this technology because it actually allows visiting a property before selling or buying it, which proved to be beneficial for both property developers and their clients. But let us have a look at how all of this magic is happening.

In a nutshell, this is an animation that is rendered so quickly that it appears as if it is being produced in real-time using real-time 3d rendering software. All 3D images are rendered in less than 1/30th per second. When user input can be analyzed and responded to promptly, it creates immersive, interactive, real-time experiences.

The Process of Real-Time Architectural Visualization

The real-time rendering architecture consists of the following stages – application, geometry, and rasterization.

During the application stage, we generate ‘scenes’ in 3D, which later will be shown on a regular 2D display.

The geometry stage is when most of the polygonal modeling is happening – it may sometimes be subdivided into several consecutive stages (model and view transformation, lighting, projection, clipping, and screen mapping).

The final stage is rasterization – here, the color is applied, and graphic elements are turned into pixels or picture elements.

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Visualizing Architecture - Custom Journey as Never Before

The immersive technology provides a great personalized journey – a wonderful adventure where the homebuyer has the opportunity to fly or walk around the place. This is not your ordinary animation, where you passively observe what video creators decide to show you. With real-time photorealistic rendering, you are in full control of what is happening on the screen. Changing certain settings, you are able to move around, open and close the doors and windows, switch the lights or TV sets on and off, and remove parts of the wall or even the whole roof to see a building from another angle.

Real-Time Rendering Software in Use

Real-time rendering software is used to bring designs to life. This tool is great for creating interactive and immersive experiences and lifelike projects. 3D artists and customers can speak a common language and explore spaces in real time. What characterizes this rendering software?

Validating Concepts

Using real-time rendering software, it is much easier and faster to validate design ideas. As a result, all parties involved can make more informed design decisions.

More Efficient, Shorter Trial and Feedback Cycle

Due to simplified design iterations, real-time rendering significantly reduces the time spent in the trial and design errors phase. The project progress becomes much faster as the feedback is received immediately after changes in a real-time manner.

Lasting Impressions on Customers

There is no other way but to leave your customers impressed and captivated by such projects that you render in real time. This software helps you create dynamic presentations of architectural designs.

VisEngine's Real-Time Rendering Capabilities

Let’s discover the profound potential of VisEngine’s real-time 3D rendering. We are here to elevate your architectural visualizations and revolutionize the way you present and promote real estate interactive designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real-time Rendering

Real-time rendering is about generating high-quality, photorealistic real-time imagery and displaying computer graphics using real time 3d architectural rendering software. It is used in gaming, simulations, real estate, construction (Building Information Modeling), marketing, automotive design, education, and virtual reality.  way.

There are multiple benefits of real-time renderings:

  • immediate visualization,
  • quick design iterations,
  • increased user engagement,
  • faster and more informed decision-making,
  • cost-effective solutions.

Ray-traced real-time rendering plays a significant role. It imitates natural lighting. As a result, you are able to enhance visuals with realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows. Real-time, fully ray-traced experience is the whole game changer for the real estate industry.

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