Virtual Reality – Dreams That Become Reality

Combining reality and fantasy or immersing into the virtual world until recently seemed impossible, but today Virtual Reality is rather close to us in our daily lives. In one way or another, you must have encountered VR, perhaps, without even realizing it. How the technology is used now and what its prospects are in the future, you can find out in our article.

Who has never dreamt for their dreams to come true? Who has never wondered how interesting it would be to be able to independently create their own unique universe? Fortunately, we live in a time when such ideas become quite achievable.

What first comes to your mind when you hear about Virtual Reality? The answer of majority would probably be that it is something new, unusual, something that does not exist in the real world. Of course, the word ‘virtual’ immediately makes you think about something unreal, but this is not always the case.

Virtual Reality is nothing new, especially to specialists working in the field of 3D technology. Nevertheless, we are still struck by the fact how unusual can something created with the help of computer technologies be. Perhaps, it is because we still admire how accurate and detailed CGI can be, as often visuals are so close to reality that they are difficult to distinguish from photographs. This is precisely one of the main advantages of CGI – we are confident that we see a photograph which is actually not true.

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For instance, people are so used to special effects in cinematography that they do not even notice when there are scenes entirely computer generated. And, of course, everyone knows that a lot of films are made exclusively on a green screen, and major part of the content is added later on, with the help of computer software. For the filming industry, it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate any director’s idea which could have been technically impossible, and for the viewer – to immerse in an imaginary world which resembles a dream rather than reality.

Nowadays virtual reality is closely intertwined with our lives – entertainment, culture, art, science, education, just to name a few. If one has put on virtual reality glasses at least once, they would not forget an incredible feeling of seeing a universe completely created by the hands of a person in front of their eyes. What is most striking, is that even realizing all that is just a picture, it’s possible to move around and hear the sounds.

As things are moving forward quite fast, everything becomes easier and more accessible, and VR is not an exception. If you do not have a VR set, it is not a problem. There are various devices that can replace them already now. And some argue that you can immerse yourself in the virtual world by working your magic with a sheet of cardboard and a smartphone.

Virtual Reality is an opportunity to visit anywhere, without leaving your favourite chair.

Visiting a museum or exhibition while staying at home? Easy! Dozens of the world’s best expositions are already available in the format of virtual tours.

Walking around the streets of an unfamiliar city and seeing the main sights of our planet? Sign up for a virtual tour and go on an adventure! Now you are in Paris, looking at the Eiffel Tower, and in half an hour – in New York, walking on Times Square – quite impressive, given the fact that you did not leave your apartment even for a second.

In addition, virtual reality is an excellent opportunity for people who, due to various reasons, cannot move freely, and ‘get’ where they would like to go.

VR is an excellent assistant in science and education. The potential of virtual reality makes it possible to simplify and explain dozens of processes. More and more methods of using this technology prove that it is not only a wonderful entertainment, but also a viable way to accelerate science development. If you have not seen how VR is used in space research and development, make sure to check it out – it’s really impressive!

And, of course, virtual reality offers limitless business opportunities.

No more ‘imagine this, imagine that …’ – now you can show it all! Any idea, which you have been only able to sketch out before, can now be meticulously reproduced with the help of VR.

Who doesn’t dream about walking around their future home? If you have a real estate business, this technology will undoubtedly become an irreplaceable assistant for you.

Sometimes it is rather hard to visualize certain information, and looking at the plan of a house or apartment is unlikely to be able to imagine what will be where and what it all will look like; whether you will enjoy a view from the window and whether you will feel happy there.

With VR technology it’s easier than ever before

A potential property buyer has an opportunity to wander around the house, entering each room and peeking into every corner. Usually, when virtual tours are being created, design of the premises is still under development. Thus stylish VR environment cannot but inspire. White walls and no furniture inside the property always lose to informative VR images.

Additionally, an ability to explore a window view is an incredible advantage. If it is a private mansion, one will see a future courtyard, or if it is an apartment block, bird’s eye view will certainly be exciting and beneficial.

We may endlessly describe all the unique possibilities and advantages of virtual reality. But the truth is, everyone should give it a try and all stories will no more be necessary, when you see it all with your own eyes.

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