What is an Interactive Master Plan in Real Estate?

An interactive master plan in real estate is a dynamic long-term vision that harmonizes all property features and business strategies in an engaging way. Discover a modern approach to presenting your land! 

What Is an Interactive Master Plan in Real Estate?

Are you searching for an effective solution to showcase the under-development properties to the customers, stakeholders, investors, or a city council? An interactive master plan in real estate is a step forward in engaging with the audience, building better communication, and providing transparency. Read on to learn how an architectural business benefit from an interactive master plan application and how it transforms sales in the real estate sector. 

Master Plan in Real Estate: Explained

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional computer-generated environment that can be explored through special devices by the person. While being immersed in the virtual environment, people can interact with objects, manipulate them, and perform various actions. Serving the real estate industry, Proptech developers apply VR technology to create virtual tours, staging, architectural representations, visualizing interior or exterior in the design phase, and more. 

Augmented Reality: Explained

A master plan refers to zoning and outlining an entire governmental subdivision. It’s a comprehensive plan of a neighborhood or entire city that allows economic and ecological city growth and urban development in a smooth, logical manner. 

Interactive Mapping: How Does It Work?

Interactive mapping is a development plan with interactive elements that allow users to explore and dynamically engage with the map. First, to deliver an interactive master plan, the developer needs to follow the traditional planning process to outline the development goals and strategies, types of structures, building layouts, and future infrastructure. The real estate master plan is then converted into an interactive format, which may involve creating digital maps, diagrams, and other visual elements to explore and interact with online and present to a planning commission. 

What does the Interactive Master Plan Include?

The specific interactive master plan elements vary on the project’s nature and development goals. However, the core elements of master plans are:  

  • Maps and diagrams with zoomed-in and out options to rotate the view;
  • Layered maps to showcase various elements and different aspects of the land use
  • Information boxes with detailed information and characteristics; 
  • Videos and photos for a more immersive experience; 
  • Links to additional resources. 

What are the Benefits of an Interactive Master Plan?

The high-quality interactive master plans provide you walking-the-site experience. It takes users in the feature, giving a clear vision of how the project will fit in the big cities or countryside environments. Yet, let’s focus on what’s in it for the real estate business. An interactive master plan in real estate benefits architectural businesses and customers simultaneously, as one application can solve your budget issues, elevate marketing strategies, and optimize the development process. 

It’s a time-efficient solution

With no physical limitation, the master plan app can clearly showcase and highlight project elements and development concepts to the city planning commission, stakeholders, and future buyers. The interactive master plan speeds up the development process, as it allows correcting programs by gathering feedback from multiple parties involved in the project. 

A master plan can attract potential investors

A high-quality interactive master plan app is an efficient solution to funding seatbacks. An engaging and comprehensive plan of the property’s layout, features, and land use helps paint the future picture and connect with investors on an emotional level. 

A master plan is an advanced marketing strategy

Unlike the traditional approach, interactive master plans offer various angles, walk-through tours, outdoor and indoor shots, zooming-in on architectural details, and comprehensive descriptions and characteristics of the elements. An interactive master plan application breaks the wall between imagination and reality. It showcases the project in the long-term future and how it fits in the local environment and economy. 

It’s a tool to build transparent communication with users

The interactive master plan app’ features answer all the questions before the user can think of them. Such an engaging way of presenting a conceptual layout and project elements tackles the imagination challenges, providing an immersive experience. Additionally, you can tailor the visuals according to the stakeholders, investors, or buyers’ individual tastes or requirements to connect on a deeper level. 

It stimulates the desire to buy

The interactive master plan allows you to create a buyer-orientated visualization addressing individual needs, building certain lifestyles, and highlighting unique features. The masterplan app boosts sales by providing customers with the vision of exactly what they’re looking for. 

How Can an Interactive Master Plan Elevate Real Estate Business?

The interactive master plan application is an ahead-of-curve technology that elevates your company and makes you strike among competitors. Interactive master planning is a valuable tool for a real estate business. It can make a development project more appealing to buyers, enhance communication with stakeholders and planning commission, streamline project management, and facilitate decision-making. Ultimately, an interactive master plan provides the following:

  • A comprehensive view of the project.
  • Visualizing the final product.
  • Tracking progress.
  • Evaluating different options.

An interactive masterplan app can lead the architectural business to success and profitability. 

The Main Features of Interactive Masterplan Application

The goal of the interactive masterplan app is to provide an easy-to-understand plan that users can navigate and engage with. Therefore, the successful application should include the following five core features: 

  1. Visualization: interactive maps of the land use, 3D models of the project and surrounding territories, ability to see the proposed developments from different perspectives.
  2. Information: To boos master plan transparency, planners should add a wealth of information such as buildings types details, facilities, amenities descriptions, budgets, and characteristics of the surrounding area and community. 
  3. Engagement: Many interactive masterplan applications include features that allow users to provide feedback and input on the plans, including the ability to make comments, ask questions, and suggest changes.
  4. Collaboration: Apps used by various stakeholders, government officials, community members, and developers include features to facilitate cooperation and build efficient communication among independent groups. 
  5. Accessibility: Interactive masterplan applications should give access to multiple parties. Therefore, it has to be accessible to users on a variety of devices and Internet connections. Another aspect to keep in mind is the app should be easy-to-navigate for users with little-to-none technical expertise. 

Trust your interactive masterplan app development to a professional team that can guide you through the process and advises on the state-of-art features to include, elevating the application. Benefit from VisEngine studio’s expertise to transform your real estate business: https://visengine.com/interactive-masterplan-application/.

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