360 Virtual Reality Tour Definition

360° Virtual Reality (VR) Tours became a perfect marketing tool in real estate and design. It is particularly useful for those projects that are still in the development stage or under construction. Regardless of the project location or its stage of completion, a client or an investor has an opportunity not only to see how the project will look like, but also is able to walk around and feel the space.Thousands of brands have created 360 Virtual Reality Tours, including agencies, hotels, destination marketers, corporate recruiters, real estate brokers, photographers, tour operators, and restaurant owners.

Uses of 360 Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality Tours
for Interior Designers

It is one of the most important tasks for interior designers to present projects in an appealing and a comprehensible manner, in order to encourage imagination of their clients. Any property buyer only buys when he understands what exactly he is buying.

Virtual Reality Tours create strong sense of space and allow clients not only to see interior or exterior design in technical sketches, but to get a realistic feel of what it will look like in reality.

Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual Reality Tours help to make a step further. VR Tours allow to walk through a new building even if it is still under construction. By means of 360 3D Walkthrough real estate marketing and sales campaigns could be highly promoted among not only local, but international property buyers.

You can assess spatial dimensions, change perspectives, choose wall paints, furniture and floor coverings, and see in the real time, how colors, patterns and materials change. Without any doubt, this kind of experience is much more engaging than looking at the photo.

Virtual Reality Tours for

360 Virtual Reality Tours give a general understanding of how any building will look like. In terms of perspective you can see a building and its surrounding space from any angle browsing through the virtual reality environment.

With the help of Virtual Reality Tours anyone can create sales and marketing campaigns far ahead of the actual project launch.

Virtual Reality Tours for Car and
Yacht Industries

With the help of VR anyone can make sure that a created model looks good enough, functions well, and is safe to use. Instead of spending a lot of money, time and efforts to build several different prototypes in real life, let Virtual Reality Tours help you to save a lot of time and resources to study how a car or a boat can look and work.

How to create a Virtual Reality Tour

Our 3D artists create a VR Tour using specially designed software. First we develop 3D visualisations and then stitch individual renders together to create a 360° virtual walkthrough that can be viewed on browsers, mobile, and in VR. In case you want to develop a customized 360 Virtual Reality Tour, this might be the option for you.

Virtual Reality Tour Software

There is a great number of 360 Virtual Reality Tour platforms you can use to showcase a space in 360° Virtual Reality. If you are looking for one, you may find it useful to browse through the reviews and compare them below.

VR Programs 1024x422

Optimized for All Devices

Virtual Reality Tours by VisEngine are compatible with all devices, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones. There is no need to install any special driver or software. Thanks to individual approach, you can customize Virtual Reality Tours with no limitations.

The User Experience of our VR Tours is extremely simple to use and is really helpful when it comes to selling any space or presenting any property environment.

VR Hotspots

Using Hotspots adds value to your 360° virtual walkthrough and makes it more dynamic and memorable. The user engages with the scene and it adds more interactivity to the process. The Hotspot overlay can be png, jpg or mp4 — there’re a lot of different choices.

Map, Floor Plan & Compass

When it comes to space orientation it’s always useful to use maps/floor plans or even compasses in order to identify your current location on a VR Tour.

Brand & Embed

Mark your own VR tours with a logo of your company, arrange it in corporate colours and add contact information to maximise leads, to promote your brand effectively.

Virtual Reality Tours by Visengine Digital Solutions can be easily embedded in your own site. You don’t need to know anything about coding or programming. Everything is extremely simple. You will have two options and two links: one to instantly share any VR tour as a separate link. The other to integrate VR tours into your site. And just like that, fast and easy – and your VR tour is within one click on the internet.

Virtual Reality Headset. What’s That?

Virtual Reality Headset is usually a head-mounted device. Sometimes it has got some hand controllers for a better user experience. There are a lot of VR devices such as the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Daydream, VR Box etc. It’s highly affordable to the mass-market and could give a totally immersive experience while browsing VR Tours.

For those people who wouldn’t prefer to use VR headsets any standard tablet/smartphone device or a laptop/desktop computer could be used instead for VisEngine VR Tours.

VR Headset 999 1024x422

Virtual Reality Tours as Sales or Marketing Advantage

At VisEngine we are confident that VR technology has already become a very important part of marketing in the real estate industry. With photorealistic Virtual Reality Tours you can present your projects at an early development stage. Virtual Reality Tour is therefore an additional component, which further promotes real estate marketing and facilitates consulting – for both parties.


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