Architectural Walk-Through – On the Verge of Statics and Dynamics

You can demonstrate a building plan. You can show interior visualisations, and you can go further – immerse a person into the environment allowing to have a good look around. Architectural walkthrough – is a technology that erases boundaries between a picture and a video.


There are dozens of methods and techniques of real estate sale. Usually, the whole companies are working on representing the object of sale. Plans and strategies are developing, sometimes the process is similar to the racing: who is faster, better, more efficient. And in this fiercely competition it seems almost impossible to come up with anything better to surprise a demanding consumer. Nevertheless, new tactics and techniques are emerging.

The very purpose of the process is clear: to tell, to show and, of course, to sell. The difficulty is not about designing and building, it is about how to properly represent and encourage to purchase.

An average person usually does not buy dozens of apartments, houses or commercial real estate (unless, of course, it is their business or collection). Such an investment is important and expensive. This makes potential buyers consider and doubt. And the seller’s purpose is to dispel customer’s doubts, suggest the best option and convince that they are the best.

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Good angles and appropriate design are definite advantages that immediately increase chances of a beneficial agreement. Human always looks more favourably at something which is plain and simple, so a clear vision of real estate is a compelling argument in favour of investing.

Simplify the complex. If you have the possibility to demonstrate something as simply as possible, do not miss the opportunity, do it exactly that way. Architectural walk-through – is a technology that allows you to ‘find yourself’ in the place you want to see.

In order to better understand what architectural walk-through is used for and to see its benefits, it is necessary to determine how this service works.

In fact, it is very simple: the principle of work is similar to the Google Street View – get to a certain point and look around. You will probably agree that this is convenient and informative: you do not need to put a few frames in your head to make general idea of the environment.

The technology is efficient and user-friendly. Its benefits are evident for developers, realtors as well as for potential buyers. The first ones can demonstrate a bright and interactive plan of the building, inspire buyer with the design, which emphasizes the benefits of apartments and clearly shows all the perspectives of the building. Buyers will be able to estimate the planning, ‘see’ how their house will look, feel as if they were inside the building.

Architectural walk-through is a unique technology on the verge of CGI and video. And this gives unique advantages: the image is moving and the viewer is choosing direction. This is an exciting game with one small, but very significant advantage – this is also a great promo service.

Try Аrchitectural Walk-through by VisEngine Digital Solutions right now.

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