3D Modelling

3D Modelling

We live in the three-dimensional world, so any object around us can become objects of 3D modelling – it is only a matter of intention. While 2D modelling has been used for many centuries by architects and designers, the new era of 3D visualisation and modelling has arrived to change professionals’ perceptions of detailing and realism.

Thus, interior/exterior designers and architects are now increasingly resorting to the use of 3D models for a variety of purposes: to capture the object better by seeing it three-dimensional form, to approach it from various angles for more informed design decisions, and to experiment with the object’s modifications in real time for selecting the best design options.

3D modelling is also highly valuable as a pre-production prototyping technique, since it provides boundless opportunities for seamless experimentation with form, texture, colorway, materials, and other characteristics of the product before launching the actual production. Thus, with 3D modelling, you can try numerous designs and come up with the optimal design without leaving the studio and with the only 3D modelling software as a resource at hand.

Our works on 3D Modelling

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