360 3D Virtual Tours
for Real Estate

360 3D Panoramic Tour for Real Estate

This Property is Still Under Construction
But it Looks so Realistic!

Advantages of 3D Virtual Tours for realtors:

  • 360 immersive property presentation
  • Present your property with 100% realism and space perception
  • No need to travel to the actual site
  • Could be viewed with VR glass using any mobile phone
  • Easy to integrate
  • Immerse your potential property buyer while presenting real estate


What project inputs have to be provided to develop 3D Virtual Reality Tours for off-plan real estate

Usually, we would require the following inputs from our clients:

  • Architectural drawings – floor plans and elevations (.DWG)
  • Information on interior (selection of furniture, finishes etc) and exterior (surroundings and landscape specifications etc)
  • Window view: drone/camera footage or to develop exterior window view as computer generated environment
  • Basic information on property units: size, types, description, etc.
  • UI/UX guidelines (corporate branding), type of navigation and requirements on user flow (if any)

Frequently Asked Questions about
360 3D Virtual Tours

First of all, we would require an initial package with inputs from the client, which include architectural drawings and detailed information on interior and exterior (surroundings and landscape specifications etc). After that we create all the 3D objects and visual elements, i.e., furniture, textures, materials and finishes and approve them with the client. The next step would be to combine all these components and sew the separate scenes into a seamless VR environment. Before this point, it is very important to have the client’s final approval on all of the objects, because later on it will be much more difficult to make any changes to them.
Yes, the interface as well as all the visual presentation can be fully changed to meet the corporate needs of the client.
Here are several factors that influence the timescales: - The scope of the project - The complexity of the elements to be modelled and rendered - The speed of receiving the client’s feedback After receiving the final approval on the panoramic points and overall design, we need app. 2-5 working days to provide the finalized version of the property 360 Virtual Tour.
Yes, a panoramic 3D tour can be easily viewed through VR glasses or headset straight from the browser.
The pricing of a real estate VR Tour varies depending on the complexity of a task, and is available on demand once you provide us with the initial information on the project.
You can easily move from space to space by clicking the navigation points. You can also move within one space and rotate the camera to have a better look around – all these actions are performed with the help of your computer mouse or using keyboard arrows. For a quick transition to another location, use an easily accessible 3D floor plan that will transfer you to the desired room in a blink of an eye.

You Should Try It Out

Check how a sample 360 VR Tour works on your device: computer, tablet or smartphone

Showcase properties under construction

No need to travel to the actual site

Simulate real house walkthrough

Window view – drone / camera real footage

Share property VR tours on social media

Generate more sales leads

Real-time Rendering VR Tours

Basically, this is very similar to an animation which is rendered so quickly that it appears as if it is being produced in real time, but with the ability to travel anywhere within virtual space. Each image is rendered in less than 1/30th per second. When user input can be analyzed and responded to so promptly, it creates a really interesting experience of interaction in real time.

Forget about being a passive observer of a 3D animation video – with Real-time VR Tour you are able to move around, open and close doors and windows, turn on/off the light and other in real time.