AVR - Accurate Visual Representation

What exactly is Accurate Visual Representation?

This term designates a collage or a photomontage, where a photographed landscape and the one created with the help of 3D technologies are being compared. Although this technology isn’t new, the AR development and its use have moved to a new level owing to the modern technology. This allowed making picture so detailed and close to real life that it is really hard to tell which part is a photo and which is the part created with CG.

Names for Photorealistic montage:

  • Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Verified View Montages
  • Verified Images
  • Visually Verified Images

Accurate Visual Representation

AVR Boxworks 1

AVR Level 0

Location and size of proposal

AVR Boxworks 2

AVR Level 1

Location, size and degree of visibility of proposal

AVR Boxworks 3

AVR Level 2

As level 1 + description of architectural form

AVR Boxworks 4

AVR Level 3

As level 2 + use of materials

The advantages of AVR include:

  • 100% match of the surroundings

Thanks to the fact that a part of the image is a photo of a real location, you can be confident that every tree, every electric pole is exactly at the place where they are in real life.

  • Realism

The ‘3D part’ of the collage is almost indistinguishable from the photographed part. This montage looks much better than ‘photo + image’ kind of montage.

  • Maximum accuracy

Taking into account GPS location, absence of the neighbouring buildings and other markers, an in-built object has all the relevant parameters and, on AVR, it looks exactly the same as in real life.

  • Cheap price

With the possibility of taking photos of the surroundings, you don’t need to generate an environment in 3D. That is why the cost is lower in comparison to a regular render.

Visengine Digital Solutions team is ready to create high-quality AVR for the most beneficial presentation of your real estate property for your potential clients.

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