When to Outsource Your 3D Models & Rendering Services

Imagine that your pitch was successful and now your clients want your animation in a futuristic 3d model city scene. You are an expert in animation but not in 3d modeling and 3D city models are known to take weeks to do! The 3D animation you used for the pitch took you 2 weeks and they now want a more complicated one in a week. You could customize a stock 3d city model scene to look futuristic or outsource it. This project has an aggressive deadline and you are not very skilled in customizing 3d city models quickly…and outsourcing could allow you to focus on the animation. Sound familiar? Outsourcing 3d modeling and rendering or doing it in-house is a common dilemma 3D model artists and animation studios face, especially when rushing to get 3d projects done.

When it is a good time to outsource your 3d modeling? A rule of thumb from one of our clients is that “If someone can make it in half the time I can…then its time to hand it off. My time is just too valuable.”

Typically, clients outsource 3d modeling and rendering when the 3d model, such as a 3d city scene, can be done or customized much more efficiently by custom 3D services such as VisEngine Digital Solutions. For example, creating a New York City Downtown Scene 3D Model in max, obj, or 3ds file format. What could take weeks to do can take expert 3d modelers that specialize in 3d cities just days. So you get less frustration, quicker turn around, and higher quality results, which are worth spending money on.

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Below are tips to help you know when outsourcing can work for you:

– You run into something you don’t do really well and it is not part of your core skills. Also it will take time to learn it and become efficient at it.

– You have too many 3D projects stuck in the pipeline and budget constraints prevent you from taking on more 3d artists on staff.

– 3D modeling projects go in a cycle and so to avoid downsizing in the future you want to ensure that you only need the appropriate people at any one time.

– The 3D project is a one-time project.

– favorably when bidding for 3D model projects such as 3D city models.

– It is more productive and profitable for you to let expert custom 3D services handle it.

Also, when you outsource 3d modeling you increase your profits, since you save more than half of the 3D project costs mainly because you save in labor costs. Outsourcing experts agree that having someone else do the areas that are not your expertise enables you to do more and you can leverage lower labor costs and increase your profit.

Realize you can’t do it all and you must other options and ways to increase your 3d development cycle and get your 3d projects to your clients and or customers a lot quicker and cheaper than your competitors – or face losing clients.

When you have decided that its best for you to outsource, consider using the expertise of 3D model artists with a wide range of experience in custom 3D modeling and Rendering including 3D city models.

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