10 years - is it a lot or not

10 Years – Is It a Lot or Not?

Everything is relative. What is a moment in terms of the universe – for a day-fly it is almost eternity. But if you compare it with the life of a person, 10 years is already the first anniversary. We started our journey exactly 10 years ago and we can safely say that though 3D technology is a relatively new industry, due to the rapid growth and achievements in this area nobody can reproach it for being too young or inexperienced.


Virtual Reality: The next level in the Property Presentation

Nowadays many companies are launching new Virtual Reality experiences, but not all of them are confident that VR is the right choice for them. At VisEngine we are sure that this technology has already become a very important part of marketing in the real estate sector. With VR glasses and photoreal 3D world, you can present your projects that are still at the stage of development.

Top 5 VR headsets to buy in 20201

Top 5 VR Headsets to Buy in 2020

As VR technology evolves year after year, it is becoming increasingly user friendly and provides a better experience for the customer, with more convenient pricing. We have reviewed and selected the best VR headset for you to buy in 2020 – both for business and personal entertainment. However, the best VR headset option is not going to be the same for everyone.


6 Reasons Why VR and AR Are a Reality, not Just Fiction

Industry Specialists and those interested in innovations are no longer surprised by virtual or augmented reality. However, for the “mere mortals” such a technology is a novelty. For all who missed that moment when ideas became reality, 6 proofs that the future has already come.


How You Can Make Things Change in One Click or Real-time Rendering

It is no news for anyone that most inventions and technologies are not used for their original purpose. Real-time rendering is no exception to that. Something that was initially designed as one of the gaming technologies now has moved beyond the limits of industry. The real estate sector didn’t stay immune to the trend and has adapted it to its own needs. If you would like to know more about the advantages and areas of use of real-time rendering, please bear with us.

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VR – Old New Technology Since 1837

1837 is the year when virtual reality was actually born. And no, it’s not a mistake — though the technology was quite different at that time. This article will help you to immerse yourself in the history of VR — one of the most popular and promising technology in the entertainment industry.

Virtual Reality Trends 2020

Virtual Reality Trends 2020

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing technologies and new industries start adapting VR every year. VR completely changes the future of some industries and the way they operate, for example, gaming or education, bringing it to the next, immersive level.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Dreams That Become Reality

Combining reality and fantasy or immersing into the virtual world until recently seemed impossible, but today Virtual Reality is rather close to us in our daily lives. In one way or another, you must have encountered VR, perhaps, without even realizing it. How the technology is used now and what its prospects are in the future, you can find out in our article.