3D Visualization and Interior Design: 3 Cases of Perfect Complementarity

You can’t make a first impression twice. That’s why as an architect, when you present your work in an online portfolio, you have mere seconds to captivate potential clients. How to stand out, grab the viewer’s attention, and how 3D technologies can assist in this are discussed further in this article.

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In today’s information flow, you have only a few seconds to catch a potential client’s attention. Accordingly, your interior design portfolio should not just be good, but impressive. Even if your interior design project deserves attention, poor presentation can ruin everything. Keeping your portfolio up-to-date and showcasing your current level of skills and creativity can be challenging. It’s not always possible to realize an interior design that best reflects your abilities, there may be no opportunity to photograph the final result, or the project may be halted during development – there can be countless reasons. In such cases, 3D interior visualization comes to the rescue.

CGI is a great tool for killing two birds with one stone. You can use imagery both at the beginning of project creation for better communication with the client and after its completion to enrich your interior design portfolio. 3D architectural visualization allows interior designers to fill their portfolios with a large number of stunning visual materials that showcase their skills and attract the attention of the target audience. Let’s take a closer look at the cases where interior rendering can be more than beneficial.

1. Indispensable when interior photographs are inaccessible

Project implementation can take months, and in the end, you may only have a couple of photographs. Moreover, you would need to find a qualified professional specializing in interior photography. Thanks to 3D interior visualization, you don’t have to wait until the space is fully ready to take photographs. Instead, you can regularly update your portfolio and social media with fresh images that reflect your current level as a specialist. With CGI, your potential clients can see your latest projects before they are actually brought to life.

Incomplete production is not the only case where interior photographs are unavailable. Sometimes a project may be suspended indefinitely, and you lose the opportunity to update your portfolio. Or some of your projects may be too old to photograph. In these cases, 3D interior design visualizations come to the rescue, allowing you to always have enough interior images in the quantity and quality you need.

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2. Convenient for comparing concepts and realizations

There is nothing better for increasing your authority among clients than showing that your completed interior design projects look exactly as they expected. With 3D interior design visualization, you can convince potential clients of this. You simply need to publish an interior render of the design alongside a photograph of its real-life implementation. These before/after comparisons have an impressive effect. As a result, viewers will see that you can not only create a beautiful image but also bring it to life with absolute precision. It’s like allowing potential clients to play a spot-the-difference game. Moreover, current technologies and the skills of 3d artists allow for incredibly photorealistic images, making such comparisons truly captivating. And, ultimately, these images are just interesting to look at.

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3. Perfect for experimenting with new styles

If you haven’t had the opportunity to design an interior in a particular style, you can showcase your concepts through CGI. 3D interior visualization will help you demonstrate your potential in this direction. There isn’t always a chance to work exclusively on dream projects, so this is the perfect opportunity to create a special portfolio design in a unique space.

Alternatively, you may propose an interior project to a client, but they have a different perspective on it. As a result, the concept may look completely different from the initial idea. Thanks to 3D visualization, interior designers can complement their portfolios with the best versions of their work according to their vision. This allows your potential clients to see your original style, even if changes were made to the final result. This way, your potential clients will see your professional versatility.

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CGI allows you to present your work in the most impressive way and always keep it up to date. And this, in turn, helps attract new clients easily. Therefore, 3D interior design visualization is essential for expanding your online portfolio!

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