Best Architecture Magazines that You Should Definitely Check Out

Architecture is one of those fields of human activity for which you just need to work with the latest trends and standards. For any, even a novice architect, there is a great opportunity to be aware of all the news, projects, modern technologies, and interesting applications. There are architecture magazines aimed at a variety of target audiences, from professionals and beginners in the profession to investors and people who are just building their homes. We offer a number of publications that monitor the situation in design and architecture and cover it on their pages.

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Top Printed and Digital Architecture Magazines

With this overview of the leading magazines about design and architecture, you will get lots of inspiration and discover new trends in this domain. In the good old days most publications were printed, but nowadays one of the best options available for anyone and in every corner of the planet are the digital versions. They save resources, are available at any time of the day and are updated more often. Also, if you are looking for information or still studying, it will be much easier for you to find the information you need in the digital versions of the journals.

Top 12 Magazines about Architecture

This article overviews the best architecture magazines and the selection of 12 top ones. Some of them are new on the market whereas others have a long history. This selection contains both magazines which have printed versions and those that are presented only in e-format. Regardless of their age and type, these top architecture magazines shed light on the advances in design, construction, and architecture and offer amazing reading.

Dezeen is one of the most popular journals in the UK which was issued for the first time in 2006. Despite its short history, its audience is constantly growing. As it is a multi-purpose magazine, it allows you to read news and interesting information, watch interviews, and even use their platform to find vacancies for – Dezeen Jobs. This magazine is constantly updated with new and original articles and is one of the best 3d magazines. You can also inquire about the joint Dezeen project and the Blurb – Print Shift platform, which cover the field of 3D printing and its impact on the architectural industry.

This magazine is also relatively new and fresh (founded in 2014), but no less interesting than the previous one. The magazine was founded by entrepreneurs Milot Zeqiri and Brittany Gribben to improve the construction industry and introduce people to new materials and their technologies. Thus, the magazine consists of 5 different parts, which contain information about projects, materials, articles, photo gallery, about professionals and information about their projects. The site has a convenient structure and you will find it easy to navigate, as you can choose different categories depending on your needs. Also on this site there is an opportunity to save your interesting ideas, add diagrams, make comments with feedback and view other people’s ideas.

The platform and digital architecture magazine were developed by two entrepreneurs, David Basulto and David Assael, to share information about projects and ideas. Although there is no paper version of the magazine, it quickly gained popularity as the platform targets users from 230 countries around the world. More than 13.6 million readers find inspiration with ArchDaily for designing buildings for any purpose and types.

A digital implementation of the architectural magazine which also includes a blog to share information on many topics related to construction and architecture. The site is periodically updated. You can also present your projects and get an assessment, comments and recommendations on it. As the magazine has a great reputation, you can always earn a good reputation and attract attention when publishing posts and comments on the Architizer site.

Dwell is another example of an architectural visualization magazine that not only sets new standards, but also has its own brand. It was founded by the talented architects Lara Hedberg and Curry Jacobs. This magazine is suitable for a broad audience from professionals to amateurs. A wide variety of projects are covered on its pages. Therefore, there  you can find everything that interests you. Everything is free in the digital version. There is also a printed publication available for sale. In the electronic version you can view an electronic tour of some of the projects outlined.

This magazine is one of the oldest publications. It was first published in 1895, and is still published twice a month. However this magazine also has a digital version nowadays, but both the printed and digital versions have up-to-date information and are often used by architects because all the information is correct, opens up many new opportunities, such as finding interesting vacations, ordering advertising or placing your projects in need of funding.

Metropolis is a high-quality magazine about architectural and design solutions. It is published several times a year in two types of publications. It contains information on the latest trends and projects of both young talents and experienced architects with a name. In both cases, the information is grouped into sections, and even if your knowledge is limited to only one of these sections, you will have a lot of information to fully explore the topic and all the trends.

One of the first architectural magazines (since 1999), where the thoughts of enthusiasts and professionals intersect. The magazine publishes materials on plenty of many interesting things, from modern projects to a gallery of materials. This magazine will also be useful, and opens up career opportunities. Competitions and information are announced here.

This Italian magazine was founded in 1928 in Rosano, Milan. It promotes architecture, decor, gardening and housekeeping. Currently, the magazine exists only in digital versions in two languages, Italian and English. Domus contains lots of useful information that forms an idea of ​​architecture.

Volume Zero is a Mumbai-published journal which focuses on digital design. The magazine provides examples of architecture in all parts of the planet as well as new projects. The magazine also provides detailed descriptions of concepts that give you new ideas.

The American Journal of Architecture firstly published in 1920 focuses on different styles and directions of architecture. Here you can find information about residential interiors as well as classic and modernist trends. In it are visualizations of many noteworthy examples, sometimes even celebrity houses. The magazine keeps track of the newest changes and trends, so you will definitely find information there about minimalist styles such as art deco or high-tech.

Wallpaper is a British source published since 1996. Founders usually choose exclusive material in terms of both content and presentation. Here you will find extraordinary creativity in all its manifestations. This magazine will suit the tastes of both beginners and professionals with more conservative views. Wallpaper is also popular due to tourist vouchers for major cities around the world.

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