Rendering Price for Real Estate: 4 Ways to Reduce the Cost

The benefits of CGI for real estate are undeniable. So you’re probably wondering: is there a way to reduce the cost of 3D? Short answer: yes. We have prepared 4 tips on how to minimize the cost of 3D visualization and want to share them with you in this article.

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When it comes to estimation of 3D visualization, the customer, of course, would like to hear the lowest possible price. However, as far as is known, the devil is in details and what may seem simple to perform can actually be quite expensive. However, there are ways to significantly reduce the cost of rendering without losing image quality.

Before we move on to the part where we tell you how to make the price for rendering of your project correspond to the budget, it is worth noting that the development of any is an individual process. Making a detailed offer requires attention to many factors, so the final price may vary. Therefore, to say the exact price for execution, you need to know all the details and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the terms of reference.

What factors affect price formation? Let’s take a closer look.

The scale of the project

There are a number of processes without which it is impossible to get the result, this is the basis of the project. To create a 3D visualization, you must first create a scene – a three-dimensional world, which will show directly the project itself. This is the foundation of the whole process, an absolutely necessary moment, without which it is impossible to do anything.

Depending on the task to be performed, the scenes will also differ. There is a direct relationship here: the bigger the project, the bigger the three-dimensional world you need to create. That is, if you need to show the interior of one room, the preparation takes less time and resources than to demonstrate an apartment skyscraper.

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Number of images

As we have already mentioned, the basis for creating any project is a three-dimensional scene. And its creation is a costly and time-consuming process. This stage of preparation for visualization is mandatory. At the same time, it is possible to use this environment to obtain additional images with similar angles. Because you don’t have to recreate a typical scene, new visuals will be cheaper.

Simply put, the more images, the lower the price for the image itself.


In short, wide horizons mean higher costs. For example, by demonstrating your project, you want to show not only the building itself, but also the environment. And not just a couple of trees, but a whole area or street. In this case, it is necessary to model from scratch all these buildings of the quarter in 3D. As you know, it is not easy and not cheap.

Since we are interested in the possibility of reducing the cost of the project, the solution may be to use high-quality photos, so you do not need to create huge 3D environments. This will not only look more photorealistic than visualization of the entire area, but will also avoid the cost of a panorama creation in 3D.

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The level of photorealism

Let’s be honest – photorealistic CGI is time and resource consuming. Every detail requires attention and careful processing, so in a few minutes you will not be able to bring the image to a wow effect. In addition, it requires an appropriate level of professionalism.

If you do not pursue highly accurate visualizations, the photorealistic rendering can be somewhat neglected. This will save time and budget 3d rendering process. But keep in mind that these images probably won’t look as impressive as you’d like.

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As you can see, there are several factors that can affect CGI prices in real estate area. At Visengine Digital Solutions, we are always happy to offer you the best options for a project creation.

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