The Price of a Virtual 3D Tour: 5 Ways to Make it Attractive

Virtual 3D tours are an impressive and effective marketing tool for real estate demonstrations. It’s not cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s inapproachability. We will consider below how to wisely plan your budget when ordering such a service.

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Beautiful, interesting, interactive, spectacular – synonyms that can describe a qualitative virtual 3D tour. But when it comes to realization, it turns out that this is not the cheapest marketing option. Very often this factor becomes a reason for hesitation and it is not without reason. At the same time, the benefits of virtual tours are too attractive not to take advantage of them. Ultimately, they allow potential clients to get as close as possible to “viewing” real estate, no matter where they are physically.

With the right approach, the price of a virtual 3D tour may not be so terrible. Knowing exactly what the price is, you can distribute the estimate so that you get interactive graphics much cheaper. This way, you will know what to expect and at what cost. So, let’s look at the factors that affect the price of a 3D tour.

1. Number of viewpoints

For the most part, the process of 3D tours creation is the same as a regular interior rendering. The only difference is that for visualization, artists need to build only part of the room that will be visible in the frame. While for the tour you need to create the entire model of the room in 3D to provide an overview of each room at 360. In fact, each viewpoint is a separate panoramic render, where the camera is located in the middle. So the more rooms you want to show, the more viewpoints you will need. And so the price will increase. Perhaps the view of the wardrobe is not so valuable.

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2. Complexity of design

The more complex the design, the more time will be spent on its reproduction in 3D. This is another aspect that strongly influences the price of Virtual Tours. For example, creating a minimalist interior takes much less time, but modeling the interior with many details and decor looks perfect. Such work has its price, but the result will be worth it.

3. Individual 3D modeling

If you need to show a specific thing in the interior, and the Virtual Tour is made just to show this decor or furniture, then individual modeling from scratch is necessary. This can significantly increase the cost of 3D visualization. However, unless you have such an urgent need, most CGI objects are usually available in the visualization studio, or can be found in the 3D model library. This will reduce the price of rendering.

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4. Urgency

If the task urgency is critical, the price can not remain at the same level as in the usual deadlines, because the team of visualizers will work in an enhanced mode. If you work with professionals, you will get a qualitative result in any case, but if possible, it is better to make an order in advance.

5. Project planning

Depending on the project, you, as the customer, will have 2-3 rounds of the project reviewing and making changes. Additional changes, especially after the approval of the final results, will cost significantly more. So before you start the project, make sure that you have made a detailed description of the work, collected all the necessary drawings, plans, identified lighting schemes, designs and set the necessary points of view.

Now you know everything you need to wisely plan your budget for impressive virtual 3D tours. We hope this information will help you in your next project.

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