What is 3D Floorplan, and How Can It Help Real Estate Marketing?

Everything at once – this is how you can describe 3D Floorplan. In this article, we’ll tell you about the benefits you can get from using this type of CGI in digital marketing.

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A three-dimensional floor plan is a realistic 3D image that shows a top view. It can show not only walls and floors but also an example of the arrangement of furniture, decor, and appliances. Such images provide as much information as 2D floor plans and photos combined. Isn’t that a double benefit?

Additionally, you can use a 3D plan to showcase the future of your space, even if it’s not furnished or built. In this way, potential buyers can imagine where and what there might be in their homes. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to estimate the room’s dimensions because not everyone can imagine how big the room is when the area is indicated just in square meters.

So how to use 3D Floorplan with maximum benefit? Let’s find out!

1. Real Estate Websites and Platforms

In addition to the real estate floor plan, its photo or CGI, and the project description, the 3D floorplan will be a great addition to the visual materials, which will immediately put everything in its place. A CGI plan that shows a house at an unusual angle from the top will undoubtedly attract attention from among the renders and photos. How the ad or information block is presented determines the level of professionalism of the developer in the eyes of potential real estate buyers.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also use images of this type on real estate platforms. The 3D plan will be a logical continuation of a series of images that demonstrate the premises and give an overall picture of what kind of planning the apartments have. Thus, CG floor plans allow realtors to get more views and clicks on their posts.

2. Social Networks

In social media marketing, you not only need to distinguish yourself from competitors but also follow the aesthetics of social media to increase brand recognition. In this case, 3D floor plans help realtors like nothing else. With a 3D floor plan, you can create a branded look for all CGI images so that people instantly recognize the company handwriting on their newsfeeds. With high-quality CGI, prospective customers can see the full potential of a room, no matter what state it is in at the moment. Therefore, it is an excellent solution if the property is in the development or construction phase and you, as a developer, start a pre-sale.

3. E-mail Marketing and Advertising on the Internet

Online advertising, such as banners, should attract attention at a glance. Therefore, a 3D real estate plan that shows the layout of the entire object in a thumbnail works perfectly for this type of advertising. Images like this will help attract potential customers and increase their chances of clicking on ads. This, in turn, attracts many potential buyers to the website.

These were the 3 areas where the use of 3D floorplans can produce the most productive results. With this type of CGI, it is possible to attract attention and effectively attract potential customers.

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