3 Simple Solutions for a Perfect Off-plan Residential Real Estate Sales Offer

Real estate purchase is a fundamental step in every person’s life. Such a purchase is made not very often, that is why it is usually approached with all the seriousness and gravity, which implies making a thorough choice from all the existing options. Weighing all pros and cons, the buyer picks the best option, while the seller’s mission is to demonstrate all the advantages and persuade the buyer that their property is the best.


The seller is always interested in representing and advertising their product in the best possible way primarily to home buyers. Certainly, the choice of real estate depends on a lot of factors: location, transport, existing infrastructure and cost. However, another determining factor is the exterior of the building itself, as well as layout of the apartment.

Preparing for such an important purchase you would want to find the fullest information possible about the building, the layout of the apartment and, if we talk about real estate on the primary market (new developments) – the view from the window.

Now there are a lot of advertising tools which are very helpful in this sphere. Every company chooses their tactics of promoting and, based on their own vision of marketing strategy, their objectives and resources. These can be photo and video materials on the billboards, adverts in social networks and popular local resources (TV, newspapers, magazines and journals), campaign on the company’s website, promotion at exhibitions. Depending on the peculiarities of a particular platform, companies prepare a special unit of promotional materials to approach each case individually, but one thing they agree upon is that in order for you to be known and heard, you must be present where your potential client is. And, what is more important is that this approach should be comprehensive. With the modern variety and amount of information it is not enough just to launch an advertisement on one channel only – there is a risk of being unnoticed.

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When it comes to CGI and fly-through 3D animation for Residential Real Estate, VisEngine team is ready to embody all your ideas. Given the fact that versatile advertising campaign for real estate requires flexibility of solutions, we developed a number of package offers, which will help you to find a holistic approach to the choice of advertising materials. From the minimal package to the wide complex one – our proposals include the following services:


When we speak about render, we immediately think of a static image of an interior or exterior fully generated with a computer. CGI is a convenient advertising tool for your product, no matter what development phase it is in. Renders have indisputable advantages. Firstly, affordable price. Without spending too much, you will be able to provide yourself with materials which can be used as a marketing tool for social networks, as promotional materials for outdoor advertising and practically everywhere you want the received images to be used. Secondly, the speed of execution. In comparison with video or virtual tours, CGI is considered to be the fastest way to get quality materials for work and advertising. Thirdly, super realistic visuals. A good render will be hard to distinguish from a photograph.

Architectural 3D Animation

It could be either a wonderful addition to marketing materials, or an excellent individual tool to represent your real estate. Well-chosen combination of picture, music and information block will give the brightest impressions from the very first seconds of watching. Motion always grabs attention: it has all that life and dynamics in it. With the help of a short commercial you will be able to be succinct yet informative in your way of reaching your potential client.

Interactive 3D Floor Plan of the Building

It is very convenient when everything is clearly visible. Scroll, zoom in, examine everything in detail. It is a great opportunity not only to further explore the planning and layout of rooms, but also assess the prospects for the potential interior design.

Check out how convenient it is: Interactive apartment

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VR Tours for Web/Mobile

Let your buyer look around an apartment. Let them see the interior, look inside of each room, outside the window and enjoy the view (even if the building is not finished yet, the client will be able to see the exact same view which will be in their future dwelling). It is an incredibly informative tool which reveals all the prospects. VR Tour for real estate is like an excursion and a mini game for your client. And who doesn’t like games?

We prepared a combination of services which will help you to unlock the potential of your real estate, and you will be able to find the package which corresponds most closely to your needs. Choose a ready package or create your own with the help of our manager: VR/3D Visualization Packages for Real Estate Marketing

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