An Image Can Tell More – a 3D Animation Can Reveal Everything

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The same is with the video. Why browse dozens of pictures if you can watch 10 seconds of video and have an accurate idea of what you’re dealing with? What is a real purpose of making an architectural video? Is it really useful and applicable to your project? This and much more you will be able to find out from this article by VisEngine.


Since time immemorial mankind was drawn to visualising everything around it. Starting with cave paintings, people tried to depict everything that was a big deal for them. The painted walls of the pyramids, Greek ceramics, ancient frescoes, paintings from different eras and, finally, photography – all this, step by step, brought us closer to the opportunities that are now available to everyone.

Not so long ago, 3D visualization seemed fantastic, and now it’s even hard to imagine that a little over a hundred years ago even photography was a rarity. Nevertheless, it was then that another genre was being born, without which modern life would be unthinkable – the first video appeared. Of course, now both its plot and quality may seem a little uncomplicated to us, to say the least, but at that time it was a real breakthrough.

Nowadays 3D visualization can rarely surprise someone, it has long gone beyond the boundaries of professional interests and narrow circles. Cinematography, astronomy, medicine, education, real estate, design – and this is hardly a complete list of areas where CGI is actively and successfully used. And of course, barely a single business segment can do without animation.

Any architect or designer wants to present the results of their work in the best possible way. And this is obvious, because it takes more than one hour of work to create a worthy project. Therefore, at a certain point, only static images become insufficient: something new, fresh, and interesting, something that will transform an idea into a brilliant solution. So this is when animation comes in place.

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Why is 3D video so good?

It can easily demonstrate any idea in action and immediately allows you to see a complete picture – no need to figure out how it works. You can see everything at once – dynamics always attracts more attention than just a mere image.

What value does 3D animation bring to the world of architecture? What could be easier than depicting a building? Nevertheless, architectural 3D animation has its indisputable advantages.

The main advantage of architectural animation is certainly dynamics. A static picture gives an opportunity to see the perspective: a non-existent house, fit in an existing or an urban landscape, which is always a brighter presentation of the project than a schematic drawing, even if a high-quality one. Architectural 3D animation shows the object from all sides: you can make the same number of views of the room, but even a few seconds of video can give a greater insight of it.

If it is necessary to demonstrate an object from the outside, bird’s-eye view would be an ideal solution. You can easily show how an object fits into a residential area, which certainly gives some additional benefits. What can be more informative than a detailed 3D visualization of the house and its surroundings? After all, when imagining a building, we usually see it in the middle of what is around it. Whether it’s a city street, a garden, a forest or just a green lawn, natural environment is always much more realistic in conveying a feeling of “liveliness” of a building than a plain white background.

Current capacities of architectural animation have a great potential and are used in various fields. After all, when speaking about 3D visualisation, what we usually have in mind is an image of new, not yet existing projects. Nevertheless, architectural visualization is not limited to the future – this technology also allows looking into the past. If you need to show an interior or exterior in the before / after format – visualizations, backed up with a video, would be a perfect solution.

Certainly, it is always more interesting to have an opportunity to try and predict what an object will look like in the future. It is quite exciting to watch videos that show cities of the future. And what is most remarkable is that this future is already being built around us at this very moment.

And, of course, everyone who works in the field of architecture is interested not only in presenting their designs, but also in selling them effectively. Architectural 3D animation is a great way to demonstrate not only existing projects, but also ideas and concepts in the pipeline, and it is much easier than it seems.

Architectural 3D animation allows you to quickly and effectively present your project, of course, it is much more interesting than a slide show, so video is the best addition to visualization. VisEngine team uses the latest 3D visualisation technologies, which allow us to perform the most complex tasks in the field of CGI and 3D animation professionally. A high quality video will easily replace dozens of pictures in a few seconds showing all the possibilities and prospects of your design.

The main customers of architectural 3D animation are developers, construction companies, architects, designers and advertising agencies. And, certainly, VisEngine team is ready to make and adapt a video sequence according to any requirements. Even if the project is at the initial stage, we are ready to visualize it. Properly chosen video concept will help you to demonstrate the possibilities and prospects of your project in the most profitable and informative way, by displaying those important details that remain unnoticed in static images.

Moreover, it opens up completely new opportunities in advertising because video looks much more appealing both on TV and on the Internet platforms. 3D Animation is not only an excellent addition to the presentation of your object. Video looks much more spectacular than a traditional slide show – dynamic and bright, it is much better in attracting buyer’s attention. Thus, a bright and informative video will make it possible to attract both investors and buyers, which, undoubtedly, is a significant competitive advantage over other companies. And, of course, if you take part in various competitions and tenders, architectural 3D animation will become an indisputable argument in your favor.

In addition, such kind of video inspires. If you are still in doubt about the relevance and necessity of architectural animation, it would be enough just to watch a couple of videos and all the hesitations will evaporate.

Architectural animation by VisEngine will revive your project and even the most courageous innovations. Be it a presentation or an advertisement – any of your ideas will speak for themselves, and will exceed any of your expectations. Let future become the reality!

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