CGI vs. 3D Animation

What is the difference between them, How does each actually work, and Where can you apply them?

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Computer-generated Imagery and How It Works

Many people think that there is barely any difference between CGI and animation; however, that is not true. CGI technology is a term that actually covers a wide range of elements that can be both static and in movement. All of the features are created digitally and do not require real photography. Instead, an agency can apply computer generated graphics, such as composition, keying, and rotoscoping. For many years now, computer generated images have been used in animated films and video games as it can create highly-realistic dynamic images of things that do not exist as real-world objects.

However, technology has transformed a lot throughout these years and makes it very hard to distinguish CGI animation from animated movies. We have to thank image generated products and visual effects for all the dragons, flying superheroes, and monsters we see in the film industry. From the cultural perspective, the ability to digitally generate the artist’s vision of unrealistic plot twists with CGI effects can be a huge boost for a whole category of scenarios.

3D Animation and How to Use It

3D animation is a technology that involves 3-dimensional computer graphics or 3D models and used to be most commonly applied in motion pictures and video games. Therefore, both of them become more complex and allow the viewer or player to dive deeper into the atmosphere of the 3D-created landscape. Motion pictures have proved to be so effective that now it is used in many other spheres that are primarily connected with business. You can now use it for advertising and other purposes.

How to Distinguish the Two

Basically, the difference between CGI and animation is that CGI examples is an extensive term that covers all sorts of graphics that were computer-generated; it does not matter whether one is static or contains movement. Whereas the key frames of 3D animation can only be used when talking about a visualization that includes movement. If we compare CGI vs. 3D animation, both of these approaches have made it possible to create a more realistic feel of whatever you have in mind and have also significantly decreased the amount of time you have to spend on it.

The Advantages of CGI and 3D Animation

As it was mentioned earlier, though they used to be most commonly applied in cinematography and video games, nowadays, CGI animation vs. 3D animation is all over the place. For instance, they are often used for creating manuals and how-to videos for various products, driving and flying simulations for those who are learning, real estate and marketing. The bottom line is that there is a need to visualize the product before it is actually manufactured in many industries and then show it to buyers, clients or investors. Therefore, real estate agents can create a virtual tour on a digital storage space. Both computer animation software and animated images can help.


1. How much do CGI and 3D animation cost?

The price depends on many factors. First of all, if you would like to create a video, the price will increase the longer the video gets. Also, the price depends on the complexity of the picture and the details included.

2. How long does it take?

Creating a long video or a long virtual tour will take significantly more time than a short one because it will need to be more digitally rendered and more work. We will therefore always be able to calculate how much time precisely a project can take after we discuss the client’s requirements.

3. Can I change something if I do not like it?

All the customers are able to suggest changes at any stage of making an animation or a CGI when working with our firm. However, it might lead to extra expenses.

4. How should I choose between CGI vs. 3D animation?

Depending on your needs, you have to choose between CGI animation vs. 3D animation. If you need a video you can use for marketing or a manual, 3D might be a better choice. 3D computer-generated content will be better if you need to create an interactive digital space, a walkthrough, or something similar.

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