How to Pick Your Perfect Product and Not Go Crazy

‘Shall I change everything or leave it as it is?’

‘Everything is fine but I wonder what would be if… ?’

‘I don’t know what I want until I see it’

The agony of making a choice is something probably everyone came across multiple times in their lifetime. But good news is that there is a way to avoid it – a configurator, which will make your life so much easier.

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Sometimes when choosing clothes, you may be on the fence whether the items actually go well with each other. And you kind of struggle to develop a shirt-trousers-shoes algorithm: if all matches well, then it’s fine, else – repeat using other components. Just like that. The participants of this process are only you, your wardrobe, mirror and, probably, somebody who you invited as your support and assistance team – husband, wife or your beloved dog.

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And what if you don’t want to waste half an hour doing risky experiments in front of the mirror? And what if you need to purchase much larger items, such as a sofa or a bookcase? It is a common situation, but chances are that you would not want to spend ages moving furniture around the house hoping to find the best spot for your brand-new cat tree house. It is also very unlikely that each time furniture shops would send you a new sofa with different upholstery because you are in doubt as to what specific shade of grey you would go for.

For those in doubt and for those who want to immediately see the product of their imagination there exists a 3D configurator. It is universally applicable and easily deals with sizes, shapes and colours of almost any kind of product.

Although, probably the first thing you think of when it comes to displaying the whole assortment of your products is taking photos. Of course, if your product is quite small in number or if a change in configuration may remain unnoticed, taking pictures will definitely result in significant savings in time and cost.

Modular 3D Configurator:

However, if you need to combine hundreds and thousands of models and textures, 3D configurator may be a perfect solution. Its undeniable advantage is that you can choose various options and modifications for the product without changing the product itself. You don’t need to take pictures of the same item in different colours again and again: 3D configurator will ensure a stable location of the object and its relevant modification.

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We could probably say that car manufacturing is the leading industry with respect to using 3D configurators. Currently about 90 per cent of automobile makers possess 3D car configurators of their products. It makes a lot of sense as cars may be quite expensive and have a lot of details which can be replaced on client’s request. Using 3D car configurator makes it a whole lot easier – you can have a look at it without actually buying a car.

The second place goes to furniture makers. Perhaps there is no need to explain how much it simplifies work with placing an order for both customer and manufacturer. Shape, dimensions, materials and upholstery – everything can be changed to the last detail.

Take a look at our Furniture 3D Configurator

Nowadays configurators are widely used in different spheres. Furniture, clothing, automobiles – 3D configurator may be applied almost in any industry where you work with modifications or details of the same product. These endless possibilities make it a perfect tool for sales.

Placing 3D configurator on your website or using it as a separate application is completely up to you. Each option has its advantages. In the first case a customer picks all the desirable parameters on their own, and as an option, they can immediately see the price of the item in this or that configuration. The second alternative is a great portable option for sales agents.

3D configurator allows taking the best decision out of all possible configurations based on customer’s needs and preferences. The final choice is given to the client and the final option is completely the product of their imagination and desire. The manufacturer only provides a tool for its implementation.

Our new Mouthguard 3D Configurator

More about 3D product configurator from VisEngine you may find here.

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