Outsource or Full-time 3D Visualisation?

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself. Of course, this works, but is it really necessary to do everything single-handedly? In terms of 3D, it depends. Let’s try to find out what is better for you and your business.

Suppose you are an architect or designer. You create great projects — amazing and exciting. And it’s perfectly clear that 3D visualisation is a huge help to you not only in the workflow, but also irreplaceable in presentations and helps to increase sales a lot.

So, at some point you ask yourself: should I handle visualisation myself, or should I use an outsourcer? And here are some options and hence the solution to the issue.

Option one — doing everything on your own.

When is it good?

Favourite Hobby. You know perfectly well what 3D rendering is, you can do it quickly and properly and, most importantly, you really like it. If this is the case, why not?

Limited resources. It can really be a great option in a situation when you are a designer/architect, visualizer and market expert, basically, when your company is just you (all in one) and your dog.

You possess more than enough resources. You own a big company and you have the opportunity to hire a specialist who works only for you. In general, this is a smart step for companies moving in that direction. Artists are committed to one client only at all times, and company has their undivided attention. Thus, company can expect an artist to be fully devoted to the success of the project.

Option two — when handling 3D visualisation on your own is not a good idea.

When it takes much more time, resources and effort to study 3D simulations than you can afford at a given time. Your desire to learn 3D visualisation is great and useful. But if you need to have 3D visualisation work done within a short period of time and properly, engaging a team of professionals will be the best solution.

Art is closer to you than 3D visualisation. You are an artist, but creating 3D visualisation is not exactly your cup of tea. In this case, relying on an outsource specialist is very helpful. Such a tandem is a smart decision to make, because each one of you is a professional doing their job. As a result, you can pursue your creative interests without having to worry about technical details.

So consider all pros and cons of working with your own or outsource visualisation department. In any case, it is you who must choose the most suitable business model for the benefit of your own company.

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