The Power of Property CGI for Real Estate

Without any exaggerations, the real estate market is overwhelmed with players. To stay competitive, agents and developers are in constant need of the cutting edge promotional tools. Fair enough, because like any other highly competitive industry, property development calls for innovative marketing approaches.

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Much loved by architects and developers, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has already started to disrupt real estate marketing. Today, when people are often sceptical about off-plan developments, CGI offers a solution by providing prospective buyers with photo realistic images of their potential homes, which eliminates skepticism and facilitates trust between the developer and the customer.

What is CGI?

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is still or animated visual content produced with the help of computer software. CGI generally refers to the 3D computer graphics that used to create characters, scenes and special effects in films and games. However, this technology is widely used in advertising, architecture and engineering. Not to mention, creating CGI is considerably cheaper than employing physical methods like producing mock-ups, which require more human resources and time.

Be it a high-end apartment or a small bungalow, 3D CGI visualisations help your potential buyers view the tiniest details of the property, and let’s be honest, people love that. Simple things like plants, door handles, or window frames really matter to home buyers. Also, with CGI, you can experiment with different materials and textures to deliver ultra-realistic visualisations. Each CGI image is created with light and shadows in mind. Exterior property CGI enables you modify the exterior by adding features, or, for instance, just add a car or a dog to make the picture even more realistic, and give the instant feeling of home to your potential buyer.

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Benefits of CGI for Real Estate Marketing

It goes without saying that advertising a new property is primarily visual experience, which makes the quality imagery imperative for efficient marketing. CGI offers real estate marketers a range of indisputable benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the major advantages of CGI for property marketing.

CGI Makes Things Simpler

Imagine you’re going to get perfect visuals for promoting your property through conventional photography. Let’s be honest: to make good photos, you depend on a lot of things, including time of the day, lighting, and the photographer of course. Conversely, with CGI you gain absolute control over the output. CGI artists are flexible enough to set up an ideal shot at any time of day, in any weather.

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It Eliminates Misunderstandings with Clients

Planning is an absolutely essential stage of every property development. It’s important to ensure that your client is satisfied with your vision. Still, if you can’t visualize your ideas properly, there is a risk of having issues in the long run. Using property CGI helps eliminate such issues, as CGI images enable you to create a true-to-life representation of your product. 

It Helps You Meet Your Clients’ Needs

In our digital era, customers’ expectations are growing higher than ever. Considering an off-plan property, people want to know each and every detail about their future home. CGI helps to provide your clients with high quality visuals so that they have a clear picture of how their home will look like before it’s been built.

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CGI is Easy to Modify

With CGI, it’s quite simple to make changes in the project. If compared to photography, you can easily modify the layout, the style of flooring or the colour scheme. CGI images allow you to clearly communicate with your potential buyers and provide them with a realistic picture of the final result. Not to mention, CGI real estate visualisations allow you to modify the appearance of the location, for instance, you can add trees, cars, etc.

CGI Services won’t Cost You a Fortune

Unlike traditional photoshoots with lots of equipment involved, creating CGI images is not so costly. Today, with the technological advancement we are experiencing, CGI experts can provide you with affordable high quality solutions for property development marketing.

CGI Helps Start Selling Earlier

CGI is an excellent marketing tool that greatly facilitates selling properties before they’re built due to the high quality and detailed visuals it offers. The formula for success is simple: you provide your potential clients with juicy CGI pics that will make folks fall in love with what you offer, and want to buy it. You’ll save a whale of time.

CGI Can Enhance Your Brand Credibility

Using high quality computer imagery is definitely a great way to stand out. Property CGI enables you to give your prospective buyers a unique visual experience, and, as a result, enhance your brand’s reputation. Without any doubt, by including this groundbreaking tech into your marketing strategy, you receive the potential to grow your business.

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CGI real estate visualizations are an excellent way to maximize your property listings. In addition, they make amazing content for your website and social media. But that’s not all: in the process of creating property CGI, experts produce detailed 3D models of developments that can be utilized for crafting animations and virtual reality solutions. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, by using CGI for property marketing, you improve the experience of your customer in the first place. With 3D CGI, buying a home becomes way more engaging and informative than ever before. What is more amazing, property CGI visuals can be used at the time when your project is still just an idea. Whether you want to create visuals for property marketing or transform your drawings into ultra realistic images, feel free to call us and discuss your project. We do our best to deliver the most efficient solutions to our clients. 

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