3D Visualization for the Interior Designers: 5 Reasons to Use CGI

When a client chooses a designer, the first thing he wants to see are examples of his work. That’s why a designer without a portfolio is literally like a shoemaker without boots: if you can’t showcase your work, you don’t exist. However, there may be some difficulties in creating the perfect portfolio. How to solve them, read on.

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If you want to become an interior designer, the first thing you need to do is to design a portfolio of your work. This is probably worth it before you proudly start calling yourself a designer and start looking for an order, because any potential customer will want to see your projects. You may be working in a very narrow style that does not suit the client. Or, conversely, looking at your work, it will be immediately clear that the interiors you create embody 100% of the vision and desires of the customer. In any case, this is your business card and first impression. That’s why a portfolio should represent you and speak for itself.

Apparently, it should not be emphasized that the works should be of exceptional quality, in favorable perspectives and those that best show and reveal the concept of the project. Therefore, the creation process should be approached carefully and accurately, choosing only the best works. However, there may be some difficulties in creating the perfect portfolio. 3D visualization will help to solve them.

How can this tool be useful for interior design? Here are 5 ways when 3D interior visualization will become a savior, helper and advantage.

1. Interior 3D visualization allows you to demonstrate projects before they are completed.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of CGI is the demonstration of your work, although it has not yet been implemented. You don’t have to wait for the project to be completely finished in order to take a photo. In addition, you are completely independent of the timing, quality of contractors work and implementation in general. Supplement your portfolio with up-to-date images that reflect your current professional level. As an interior designer, you are constantly evolving. And not only you, because the trends are not standing still. Visualizations will help your clients to see your latest work.

2. Interior CGI allows designers to demonstrate that their concepts are embodied with 100% accuracy.

The soul of every designer is happy when the implemented project looks exactly as intended. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure and competitive advantage: publish a 3D visualization of interior design and its photo already embodied in reality. It makes a great impression! As a result, the viewer will see that you are able to realize any dream not only with the help of computer graphics, but also absolutely accurately to put it into effect.

3. You can present the best interior design option.

Sometimes you offer your client an interior design project that is personally the best. But your client may have a different point of view. Therefore, at the end of the common concept realization the implementation may be very different from what was originally proposed.

Thanks to 3D renderings, interior designers can supplement their own portfolios with exactly those versions of their work that they consider the best. This allows potential customers to see your original vision of the concept, even if changes have taken place during the work.

4. CGI allows you to showcase projects in styles you haven't worked with before.

You can be an undisputed expert in any style, but there is a high probability that you would like to implement an interior with a radically different from your usual style of work. This is not always the case. Or you are just starting your journey in the field of interior design and looking for opportunities to implement your ideas. 3D rendering can help you to show your potential. Even if you have not yet had the opportunity to design a place in a particular style, you can demonstrate your concepts with the help of computer graphics. In this way, potential customers will see your professional versatility and creativity. And you will have more chances to order various and interesting projects.

5. Interior 3D visualization allows to update portfolio at any time.

There are always a number of projects that could be included in a portfolio. However, many of them are probably under the NDA. Therefore, the fact that you do not add any projects does not mean that you are not working now. 3D visualization will come to the rescue, with the help of which you will be able to supplement the work with concepts that you would like to implement and your own relevant solutions.

Thus, 3D rendering becomes a simple and affordable solution for portfolio design. Photorealistic 3D visualization can help interior designers to demonstrate their skills and engage their target audience.

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