Repro Project – Is It Worth Going the Same Way Twice Again?

Why try to do what has already been created? Isn’t it more interesting to try something new? Yes, it is quite probable and justified. However, no two things are the same in the world, so trying to make an accurate replica is always a challenge. And, perhaps, courage will be rewarded and the duplicate will surpass the original.

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We are the VisEngine Digital Solutions Team. For more than 10 years we have considered architectural visualization to be our vocation and passion. During this time we have completed dozens of brilliant projects, each of which we are proud of. We work with great companies, architects, designers and sincerely share their hobbies as well as help to implement the boldest ideas.

Variability is one of the advantages of our work. Each of our customers has their own unique style and character, therefore every day we have a new interesting and unique task.

The phrase 3D artist refers to someone who deals with 3D visualization, CGI, visual effects, VR, virtual tours, and so on. This title gives, on the one hand, a wide choice of what can be done, and on the other hand, limits deadlines and technical tasks. And, of course, everyone loves the benefits and is skeptical of the limitations. When you work in a team, following the rules and rhythm of work is not just desirable, it is critically needed for the coordinated work of the whole team, because everyone is connected. You know, if you do tricks or overtake the deadline, you are putting your colleagues at risk first of all. And of course the company in front of the customer – who will like it? That’s why in the number of 3D artists you are a responsible performer and a professional in your field.

But above all, the artist lives in each of these people. And how we sometimes want to go beyond! This is where Repro Project comes to the rescue.

It is in these works that you can do what you want and how you want. No one limits the project-defined architecture, design, lighting settings, or other technical whims that the soul desires. If the customer has a clearly defined project and requirements for it, then in reproductions everything depends on the performer. Here the artist chooses what he wants to recreate, or create by his own and the way in which he will do it. You can be a fan of a particular architectural style or architect, but not currently have the opportunity to work in it. Namely, in such repro visualizations you can not only work with an interesting object, but also hone your skills, try new techniques, show your creativity and demonstrate your own professional abilities.

Some will say that Repro Project is nothing new. Yes, from a technical point of view, this is the same building. However, isn’t it a skill to recreate something that already exists so accurately that the render will be confused with a photo? Isn’t this detail an indication that the architectural rendering of the object at the design stage will make the render look surreal? It is easy to convince a person of the qualities of something he/she has never seen. However, if he/she knows something for sure, the inaccuracy will be noticed immediately.

The individual style of the artist 3D visualizations is often formed in such works. And such renders allow the potential customer to estimate the level of the company renders performance or the specific executor. This is an additional advantage for both the customer and the visualizer, because often the potential customer is not sure what the desired end result should look like, and such work can be a great example-hint.

As practice shows, such creative works are most liked by viewers and are the most popular on social networks. Some moments of the final retouching may not be 100% realistic, but from an aesthetic point of view, such images certainly look very attractive. So if you are a potential customer and read this text, do not hesitate to ask how the real estate render will look in the most favorable perspective and light, we will be happy to help you 😉

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