Why Exhibitions Are Important

So it has been a month since MIPIM 2019 finished, but does it mean that the work is over? Actually, it is the other way round. Now is the period of follow-ups, consolidating the results and stock taking. If you are eager to know why any exhibition is no joke and how MIPIM 2019 went, read on.

If someone thinks that an exhibition is a simple matter, well, it’s not exactly like that. ‘Hey, let’s go to the trade show!’ – one can only afford this kind of attitude if they perceive it as an entertainment or don’t see any personal interest in it.

If your company is an exhibitor focused on results and understands the importance of exhibitions, you are getting all set long before the trade show starts. Whether systematically and persistently, or failing to meet all the deadlines – anyway, the preparation stage is always there. Illustrative material is being created, developers are doing their job, company reps are sending hundreds of emails, advertising campaign is being run, let alone all those little things that create the general mood of the stand.

These couple of days, or even hours, your goal is to stand out from the crowd of competitors, demonstrate why you are so special, get the potential customer interested, establish partnerships, and hopefully, get positive results from the meetings.

So why are business exhibitions so important?

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Certainly, first and foremost is that you are demonstrating your own product.

Only the best projects, the best samples, the best solutions. Companies are getting thoroughly prepared, selecting what they will actually show. Very often it is not only a product or a service which has been around for some time now, but an entirely new independent concept.

In a way, it is a unique opportunity to brag about your achievements and victories and make a statement – ‘it’s an excellent result but that’s not all there is – just have a look at what else we can do!’

And if usually there are a lot of obstacles on the way from the company to the customer, exhibition is all at once: here’s what we are and what we do. Your company may be hard to find amongst dozens of competitors, your advert may never find its way to the potential client because of ad blockers, your site takes a long time to load because of poor internet connection. In fact, there might be tons of reasons why you haven’t been picked by the customer. But an exhibition is your finest hour! Your potential clients and partners are all next to you, just don’t waste this chance.

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New Contacts

So, everything goes well, your company is well received and your service is in demand. And here’s a moment of truth – you got a business card! You give yours in return, so that they don’t forget you. And that’s it, the person is leaving. And everyone who exchanged business cards at least once knows that it’s only half the battle. The acquaintance itself should be translated into a more constructive direction.

Sure enough, after that you will make every effort to remind about yourself. Personal knowledge is a great start because the potential customer can take a closer look at all your assets and advantages. Besides, it’s a small world, you never know who you will be recommended to later on. So you don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet new people even if at first sight you feel that it won’t be effective.

Business Negotiations

Oftentimes personal schedules don’t match to the extent that meeting someone living in the same city can be a problem, let alone different countries or continents. Certainly, modern technologies make it possible to communicate whenever it is convenient. However, personal knowledge and face-to-face interaction have probably always been the best ways to establish contacts and fix the results. On top of all this, it’s no secret that work is going much better if you have some other topics for discussion apart from work relations.

In this respect, a business exhibition is a unique event because we are all at the same time and place. No obstacles, distant flights or struggling to agree on the schedules. Negotiations may last hours, everything is working non-stop because time is money.

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Adjusting vector of development

It is often the case that we do something and develop separately from the outside world, existing in a so-called informational bubble. And it seems that what we do is unique and absolutely correct, that our product is the best, our service is the most innovative, our technology is cutting edge. But comparing yourself to other companies allows you to see that there is always room for improvement.

Healthy competition calls for constant self-improvement, new ways of optimizing things and, of course, generation of new ideas. When you see the route others are taking, you are capable to not only assess the prospects, but also check if your current vector of development is still topical and up-to-date. Besides, you may also find inspiration to create something new.

‘When the city falls asleep, the mafia wakes up’

Probably the best bonus is the time after the exhibition. You breathed a sigh of relief after a busy day and then, suddenly, things get interesting – closing time comes. If the exposition lasts for several days, you usually spend time after its closure in a restaurant (you have been working hard, so you kinda deserve some rest) or attend an event – a party or a concert. And where better to start a pleasant conversation, which can turn into a partnership, than in a relaxed atmosphere with the new acquaintances after a hard working week? A great moment when work isn’t merely work, it’s social interaction.

In conclusion, we would like you to see how MIPIM 2019 went for VisEngine Digital Solutions and check out our exhibits:

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