3D Flythrough and 3D Walkthrough Animation – Creative Ways of Real Estate Presentation

Spectacular and effective – these are probably the best words to describe a good presentation of real estate. There are certain tools which can help you achieve this result. Flythroughs and walkthroughs – what are those, what’s the difference between the two terms – let’s figure it out step by step.

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When someone hears the word ‘architecture’, they most likely associate it with something grand, almost like a palace, and mostly of a venerable age. But to tell the truth, it’s more than that. It is a neighbouring newly-built building, an old museum in the city centre and even your parents’ country house.

Architecture is all around us, it evolves with us. At times the newest buildings strike even the wildest imagination. Real estate development nowadays is no longer only about practical value – as a matter of fact, it happened once people decided that they wanted something more than just mere protection from rain and cold, but also something that would have a visual appeal to them. Since that moment in the minds of people, practicality and aesthetics have become virtually inseparable. 

It is often the case that when you think of something ‘architectural’, you would like not only to see a picture, a render or a photo of a house, but also walk around and inside. And amazingly enough, the new emerging technologies – flythrough and walkthrough animation have made it possible.

So what exactly is 3D walkthrough and flythroughs and what is it for?

In fact, the names of the terms are pretty self-explanatory. An observer walks or ‘flies’ through an architectural object. In our case, it is real estate with its environment fully created by means of 3D technology. This kind of immersion might be useful for engineers, architects, designers, developers and everybody involved in the property market at one stage or another. Such an approach to the presentation allows showing all the advantages of a project to investors – what it will look like and how it will be integrated into the environment while still being under development. It is a wonderful marketing tool through which the client will be able to see the expected outcome while you will have an opportunity to demonstrate all the benefits of the concept or the existing building.

What is the difference between a 3D Walkthrough Rendering & a 3D Flythrough Rendering?

Well, in the given context, these terms are almost identical with the exception of several points.

With an architectural walkthrough, an observer is able to see around the building (or any other object) at eye level of a hypothetical person, who is walking around it. It applies to both exterior and interior. So, if you want to see a roof of the house – the sole possible view would be the one from bottom to top – as if you were standing near the house. The same goes for the interior – you are walking through the rooms as an observer. 3D-kitchen, living room, bedroom etc are all located at eye level. This camera positioning has an undeniable advantage: the observer gets the effect of being directly in the building.

As for an architectural flythrough, it is not only about the inside of the object, but also its outside appearance. As a matter of fact, by the means of flythrough animation, the client obtains information not only about the interior, but also has an opportunity to view the house from the outside – at any height or distance. Moreover, you will have a chance to see the street, territory and even district where the real estate is located.

Thus, these two kinds of architectural animation are not interchangeable, but complement each other depending on the objectives and idea of 3D-video.

Which is better – a 3D visualization or a 3D walkthrough / flythrough?

In the sphere of architectural 3D visualization, renders and 3D animation are related components. Each has its advantages which showcase strong points of your project under certain circumstances. For instance, CGI is hard to tell from a photograph. With materials which look perfect, it is one of the best ways to demonstrate your real estate on social networks, company website, printing products, banners, billboards etc, i.e. everywhere the static images are used. 3D walkthrough and flythrough animation draws attention by its being dynamic and allowing a better understanding of an object’s location and feeling inside of it. 3D visualisation and 3D video complement each other perfectly as marketing materials and can be used separately without losing their effectiveness.

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