Architectural 3D Rendering: What Happens if You Have Enough Time

Deadline is a scary word for both the developer and the customer. It is necessary to fulfill all possible and impossible tasks as well as to meet the deadline. Nobody likes them, but that is the deadlines sad fate. But, on the other hand, they set the rhythm, encourage movement, and do not allow to postpone the processes for months. The “right” deadline is rather a plan and a goal. Read on to learn what are the advantages of the correct deadlines and what happens if the visualizer has enough time.

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The concept of the execution time of anything is extremely flexible. The creation of 3D visualization is no exception. To the question “Is it possible faster?” the answer will always be that it is possible. Another question is whether the customer will be satisfied with the result of this “accelerated” work and whether the performing company will be able to provide the result (and be proud of the authorship) within the stated time.

Let’s focus on the fact that a self-respecting company will not give renderings of lower quality than they are specified by the internal standard. But if we talk about the wow effect, then we need to concentrate on it. At such CGI every detail is worked out and detailed as well as it itself causes delight.

So what happens if the visualizer has a little more time before the deadline:

1. The materials accuracy increases

In architectural rendering, our perception depends on the method of the materials and textures application. If we talk about CGI, then the materials are the qualities that are assigned to the 3D model to make it look as intended: wood, metal, glass, or other. Other parameters inherent in this or that material, for example, gloss, reflection, roughness are also adjusted.

The same principle applies to textures that often depict real ones, for example, fabric cladding, wallpaper from a particular brand, or tile pattern.

For all this to look as natural as possible and for the materials to complement the textures, the visualizer needs to play around with settings that would perfectly convey the qualities and properties of the object. They find the optimal combination of parameters that suits a particular image.

2. Light quality is improved

If someone thinks that light is not so important, then he or she is significantly wrong. The light itself gives naturalness, depth, and expressiveness to the image. And to achieve the desired effect, it is not important whether it is the interior render or the exterior, it is necessary to set the optimal number of light points, adjust their size, intensity, temperature.

It all takes time. In addition, to see the result it is necessary to render the image, namely to transform the 3D scene into a 2D image. In the search for the perfect combination, this process can be repeated several times –  combinations and settings are changed. However, the final result look is worth the time to search.

3. The image is more detailed due to more accurate elaboration of 3D models

All items on the render require their own 3D model. And there are two ways: to use the ready model (if such exists) or to model independently.

3D modeling is completely handmade. The time of its creation depends on the complexity of the object and the number of details in it. It means, if the customer wants to see his or her unique product in the interior, it will have to be modeled from scratch, and this, of course, takes time.

To speed up the process of  3D scene creation, artists can choose the most appropriate model from the database. Time is spent on the search and, sometimes, on certain details refining, if necessary.

4. The necessary atmosphere and composition is created

The verified composition of the image can both demonstrate the best aspects of the project and nullify all efforts. Having enough time, a 3D artist has the opportunity to find the best angle, and sometimes find a non-standard but very interesting solution. Here, just like in the photo: even a small change can completely change the frame. At this point, it is important to trust the experience and professionalism of the visualizer, because he or she knows exactly how to show your object “at the right angle”.

Concerning the image atmosphere, it is more about the artistic side than the technical one. However, this moment creates the image mood, and it, in turn, will affect the potential viewer. Small details are not noticeable at first glance, but they create the effect of perfection. If to compare two renders, not yet having time to look at the image, a person immediately feels the difference. Then it is possible to play in the “find 10 differences”, but always a more detailed image will win. Nobody will want to return to the “simplified” version.

5. System errors are eliminated

Last but not least. Everyone makes mistakes, and running programs are no exception. It happens that in the process of rendering something goes wrong and the image does not look as perfect as planned. Such failures are completely automatic, they are impossible to predict, as well as whether they will occur at all. But they need to be fixed and it takes extra time, then the final image will look perfect.

Thus, a little more time to complete the project is an investment in its maximum elaboration and transformation of the image into a work of art. The case when 3D images are confused with photos. This is exactly what you need for the wow effect for you and everyone who sees the render. 

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