CGI Products are an Indispensable Assistant to Architects and Designers

We have already written about the history of 3D and that the technology is not as new as it may seem at first glance. Now that we are familiar with the history of rendering, it is time to remind us how CGI is used in design and architecture.

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CGI broke into the real estate sector and firmly anchored there because no other technology was suitable for the needs of the industry. Designers and architects sought and received maximum realism in the presentations of their projects. What are the benefits of this technology? Let’s talk briefly about each type of visual element and how you can use them to demonstrate your design best.

1. Exterior 3D Visualization

Highly realistic exterior 3D images are an excellent visual tool for architectural presentations. They allow a brilliant demonstration of any building, even if its design is under development. With this type of CGI, you can effectively present your projects to customers, showcase design concepts, regularly update your professional portfolio, and fill social media profiles with spectacular quality content. Depending on which features you want to highlight, you can select a lookout point:

– 3D birds-eye view visualization

– Street/human eye level

– Close up render

– Ground level rendering

2. Interior 3D Visualization

This type of rendering is helpful for both interior designers and architects. It is a great tool that allows you to get photorealistic images of your ideas, make corrections following the customer’s wishes, and demonstrate different design concepts. Also, this type of CGI allows you to display the exact arrangement of furniture, decor, and used materials that designers will use according to the size and layout of the rooms. 3D interior renderings are an indispensable element of presentation and marketing for both residential and commercial projects.

3. Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

A 3D panorama is an interactive 360-degree view of space with a single viewpoint. A virtual tour is essentially the same, with only a few viewpoints. It means the viewer can click on the so-called hot spot to move around the room or the house. Real estate agents and developers mostly use this type of CGI to pre-sell properties under construction. A 3D VR tour can showcase detailed space planning and, at the same time, a sample interior design solution to help buyers imagine their life in the place and feel more confident about buying.

4. 3D Floor Plan

A 3D floor plan is another way to show housing planning, but unlike a 2D plan, it demonstrates a project with a whole new level of clarity and is one of the first steps in building a house, renovating, or creating an interior. It allows you to evaluate the dimensions of the room, gives a general understanding of the space, convenience, and functionality. It also demonstrates the possible furniture placement, allowing you to start selling the building before it is finished.

5. 3D Animation

This type of rendering takes any architectural presentation or interior design to a new level. Such a tool allows you to dynamically show the exterior from a bird’s eye view and unique details of the project’s interior. Thanks to changes in camera position, soundtrack, and visual effects, any presentation will get its unique atmosphere, making it unforgettable and exciting. In addition, it is an excellent material for social media promos, especially considering that short videos are becoming more popular and have better coverage.

This is a brief description of the services in which 3D technologies become helpful to architects and designers. Due to their flexibility, they can be easily combined and adapted precisely for your needs and project requirements. Choose the one that is most useful for your business, and if in doubt, VisEngine managers are happy to help you identify the tool that will best represent your project.

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