Exterior 3D Rendering: How the Project Execution Time Affects the Final Quality

When receiving the final 3D visualizations of a project, the client always hopes to see the best result. However, the quality of this result depends on the time spent on post-processing the renders. Read on to find out why the CGI post-production stage is important and worth the time.

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When it comes to achieving brilliant results in 3D exterior visualization, it is crucial to find the right balance between the desired quality and time constraints. Usually, the customer wants to get the final results as soon as possible, if not yesterday, and developers are struggling for time for execution and post-processing. Of course, the vision of the final quality of the rendering may vary depending on the needs, but usually the maximum photorealism is what both parties, the client and the developer, strive for. If you’re working on a tight deadline, the basic option is likely to be your best bet. However, if you need a high-quality, atmospheric image that would make an exciting impression on the viewer, be prepared to wait. The post-production stage is extremely important for a photorealistic result and it requires a lot of chow. This CGI post-processing involves additional work on detailing objects, adjusting lighting, and working out details that create the atmosphere of the image. Thanks to this, you get CGI that will be the most photorealistic tool for your marketing purposes.

So, what are the specifics of these two levels of quality and how long does it take to create a professional 3D visualization of a real estate exterior for each of them? Let’s explore further.

Standard exterior 3D visualization

The standard level of quality is a pragmatic solution for tasks with time constraints. However, the standard does not mean a loss of quality. This is a full-fledged rendering that performs its function perfectly. You are guaranteed to get a good result that is the perfect combination of quality, time, and financial costs.

– accurate, high-quality images using appropriate materials and textures;

– rendering lighting includes natural and artificial sources or a combination of both to achieve a realistic effect;

– the image contains a basic realistic environment with limited detail. Secondary elements are minimized to simplify the workflow of the job;

– basic CGI post-processing and minor color correction are included in the rendering process.

Detailed 3D visualization

This level of 3D visualization is ideal for large-scale projects that require not just informing the consumer about the appearance of the future real estate, but also impressing and capturing their attention. Such images can have an artistic level of execution. Renders of this type should create the appropriate mood in the viewer due to their atmospheric nature, so to achieve this effect, detailed CGI post-processing with appropriate settings is used.

Compared to the standard level of processing for exterior 3D visualization, the detailed rendering has the following differences:

– materials are carefully worked out, blurring the line between rendering and photography to achieve maximum realism;

– lighting techniques are complex and multilayered, and require additional attention, which requires additional time;

– the environment is rich in detail and contains elements that improve the realism of the 3D image.

– CGI post-production includes adding weather effects and seasonality;

– surface imperfections, such as creases and cracks, are added for additional realism.

Creating an exterior rendering of this level requires painstaking effort, precision, and a commitment to perfection. Such 3D visualizations are ideal for investor presentations, bids, or advertising on various platforms.

To summarize, creating professional 3D exterior images requires considerable effort, skill, and time. However, for a detailed level of CGI, it is advisable to include extra time for post-processing in advance to ensure that there is enough time for thorough execution. Whether your project requires standard or detailed renders, VisEngine Digital Solutions is committed to delivering the best results for your use.

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