Features of Interactive 3D Master Plan Application: What You Should Pay Attention To

How to attract a demanding and impatient client who wants to know everything at once? Satisfy their interest! Modern technologies provide architects and developers with many tools to attract the viewer. The use of interactive 3D real estate master plans is one of them.

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New challenges generate new solutions. 3D technologies have long been used by real estate professionals to present their projects, but the demanding consumer wants to see even more. To attract the attention of buyers, one solution was to use Interactive 3D Master Plan. This technology has captivated viewers with its dynamism and innovative component, which makes it much more attractive to buyers, creating an immersive effect that has become very popular in the modern world.

Interactive 3D Master Plan is a modernized version of a conventional master plan. The use of 3D technology allows you to create a 3D image of the real estate under development, together with the environment. And instead of imagining what the future building will look like after completion, the viewer can see it in its real environment at the beginning of the project development.

In real life, people can almost never see a building from such angles, except for aerial shots, but even then, the building must be built and the external landscaping completed. An interactive 3D master plan allows you to view the property from any angle, explore all the details of the exterior design, the location of balconies and terraces, and evaluate landscape solutions long before construction begins. Thus, this technology becomes an excellent marketing tool for attracting investors and providing them with information about real estate.

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Interactive 3D Master Plan Application of real estate has numerous advantages and features.

Comprehensive information content

The key element is the combination of visual and informative components. It is this aspect that makes Interactive 3D Master Plan attractive for use in interaction with a potential client.

Rotatable view

The viewer is able to inspect the property from all sides and angles, independently determining which angles are of most interest to him or her. This makes it easier for the client to perceive the property, as it allows them to zoom in and out of the building elements that interest them the most and look at them for as long as they need.

Various viewpoints of the building

Whether the client wants to look at the property from a bird’s eye view or from pedestrian level, these options are available for viewing.

Day and night modes

Thanks to the day/night mode switcher, the viewer can evaluate how the building will look like at different times of the day. This may not be the most obvious advantage, but we assure you that its informative and aesthetic visual component provides additional information about the building and increases the interest of a potential client.

Project description

All the necessary information is collected in one place and logically relates to the relevant blocks. The buyer will have access not only to general information about the property, but also to descriptions that relate to specific apartments or other important areas.

Filter by category

You don’t have to browse through everything to find what interests you. Thanks to convenient filters, the viewer can sort the information by the criteria that are important to him or her and view only that information.

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Full information about each apartment

Of course, the viewer receives full information about the apartments they are interested in, such as area, type, layout, etc.

Online booking

Thanks to real-time updates, the viewer can choose from the available apartments and book them for viewing and receiving additional information.

360 VR Tour

The client can not only see the building from the outside, but also view the apartments they are interested in from the inside.

Invite customers to get acquainted with the project from all sides and give them the opportunity to evaluate the functionality of each part of it. This will give consumers more confidence in the product and help them make a purchase decision. Interactive 3D Masterplan makes it easier for consumers to perceive real estate and creates a comfortable atmosphere for sales.

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