Interior Design Renders: How They Help Designers Win Commercial Contracts and Customer Loyalty

When presenting your project as a designer, you will undoubtedly tell a lot about it. In addition to a brilliant performance, your trump card can be a spectacular visualization of the concept because the key to selling interior design is to convey your idea to the audience.

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Presentation of a commercial design project is interesting, new, and always challenging because you have the task of developing a restaurant or hotel concept and proving why it is the best and deserves to be implemented. This stage is preceded by research, searching for ideas and attractive solutions, and developing the project. And, of course, you naturally want all these efforts not to be in vain. And that’s the main challenge. Interior designers present projects to business owners who speak with facts and figures and demand material evidence. Of course, they want to see design benefit profitability. In addition, entrepreneurs need to be confident that they will not spend more money than is required. Consequently, the designer should propose ideas that would be an ideal combination of interior solutions at a reasonable cost.

But how best to demonstrate information about a project that is not yet available? And most importantly, can the idea be conveyed when the clientele does not understand the drawings and sketches?

Yes, of course. Previously, contracts were awarded to those who could better describe their project. Now designers can use such a tool as architectural visualization. It allows you to make your presentations spectacular and easy to understand. So if you’re working with commercial interior design, using CGI is an indispensable assistant for you.

Let’s examine what benefits you get from using 3D images in your presentations.

A clear understanding of the concept

The main advantage of 3D visualization is demonstrating how the project will look. “This is different from what I imagined” – such a reaction will not occur during the work because CGI allows you to depict the project’s final result, in which approved design solutions, colors, and materials will be used. When the commercial interior designer and the client understand each other, and like the project, they work together coherently. Therefore, there are no speculations and ideas, only clear approved steps.

Rapid approval and amendment process

Customers find it difficult to imagine a holistic picture based on drawings and sketches. It isn’t easy to compose this puzzle without appropriate education and experience, and they need to understand what they agree. As a result, it requires more time and explanations. With visualizations, the customer can see all your ideas and suggestions. Render shows what a surface will look like in reality, whether it’s glass, metal, wood, or textiles. All these combinations are subject to change if the customer doubts whether they want to consider alternative versions. And again, you don’t have to imagine –  a high-quality CGI is almost impossible to distinguish from a photo.

Project flexibility and competitive advantage

Offer the customer two alternative options for one project with the help of interior design visualization, he will be happy to be able to choose, and this is another point in favor of choosing your project.

Adding a 3D tour or short video to a presentation can be another argument in your favor. It will enliven your project, as customers will have a broader general view of the interior design and a detailed view of the space.

Thus, visualizations for commercial interior design make communication with the client more productive, bright, and efficient. They help designers win contracts, establish good relationships, and build customer loyalty.

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