Local 3D Services vs International CGI Companies: Things to Look for when Choosing

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To get high-quality 3D services, architects and designers have two ways: studios and development companies hire their artists to create CG renders or outsource work. But if you have a small company, it can be disadvantageous to hire a visualizer for a full-time position. Or, if you have a large firm working on many projects, your specialists may be overwhelmed at some point. In both cases, outsourcing is a sound solution. And the first step will be whether to use local service delivery services or search for CGI contractors worldwide.

We had already considered situations when the customer had to choose which contractor company was more relevant: large or small. Now we will try to approach the question from the other side: which is better, a local firm or a foreign one. Both solutions have pros and cons. We have compiled a list of points to consider when selecting a contractor. Read on and make a considered decision!

1. Scope of services and quality of performance

Outsourcing 3D rendering to foreign contractors has an obvious advantage: a larger pool of companies and artists. You can find a specialist or firm with any skill level and different specialization. Or choose a contractor who will perform the services necessary for your project: rendering, 3D animation, 3D 360 virtual tours, 3D floor plan, etc. No matter what area of expertise you need, someone will be found just for you.

With local companies, your freedom of choice will be much more limited. Of course, you may be lucky, and a specialist of your dreams lives in the neighborhood. Still, there is a good chance you will have to agree to available options and give up at least some ideas for your project.

Another critical factor is the amount of work that needs to be done. Suppose your project is complex, voluminous, or urgent. In that case, it is more likely that you will find the contractor you need at the price and quality of performance abroad. However, we cannot rule out that your company is not at the epicenter of the localization of 3D companies.

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2. Language of communication

If your mother tongue is not English, choosing local service providers will help you avoid the language barrier. You will be sure that nothing will be lost in translation while working. However, suppose you are a native speaker or have a good knowledge of English. In that case, the language barrier will not be a problem. Managers of any professional 3D rendering company are fluent in English and often other European languages.

When choosing a contractor, it is also worth considering the aspect of time zones. Here, local companies have the advantage that it’s easier to stay in touch if your working hours match. However, collaborating with CGI studios abroad also has advantages. Depending on your country and its time zone, you can choose contractors who work while you sleep. This way, the overseas company can get results faster than the local one, which is beneficial for urgent projects.

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3. Project control and safety

Perhaps you as a customer want to communicate and control the task more often and therefore would not mind visiting the office of the executing company. Here, local contractors win. However, a face-to-face meeting is often overrated and not worth the time spent, as in any case, all working moments must be recorded in writing. In addition, the pandemic demonstrated that moving business processes online did not affect the quality of work but instead optimized and expanded the geography of projects.

Using the services of local contractors, you can feel that you have more control over the project. However, visiting the imaging studio is unlikely to speed up the work process even if something goes wrong.

If you are worried that the contractor may publish the details of your project, then unfortunately, the fact that it is in geographical availability will not save you from these regrets. International companies care about their reputation and understand the importance of customer trust. For this reason, they are always ready to sign and not disclose the cooperation details concerning your project without your consent.

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4. Pricing

Last but not least is the issue of pricing. Like anyone else, the customer strives to get the maximum result for good money. Focusing on local companies will not likely give you much flexibility in the pricing you receive. You can always find options abroad if they don’t fit your budget. This way, you can choose a value for money that fits your needs and budget. Prices for rendering vary from company to company and country to country, so you’re sure to find your perfect rendering option.

In some cases, contacting local contractors will have its advantages and be the ideal option for you. On the other hand, expanding your selection circle can allow you to get high-quality renderings at an attractive price. To choose between international and local 3D companies, you should consider all the pros and cons above.

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