Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Real estate video marketing ideas help estate agents to sell more effectively. Check out a selection of the best marketing ideas and what benefits they can bring.

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Marketing in real estate has always been challenging as it is one of the key factors that determines how many people and prospective customers you can engage and turn into actual clients. As we live in a digital era, one of the most efficient ways to boost sales and improve marketing is to use diverse real estate video marketing ideas. Using videos in the real estate business helps to reach out to a broader public, facilitate communication with clients by showing estate projects in detail, and sell properties faster and easier. Working in a real estate company, you might be curious about how you can attract customers’ attention and make your video stand out and endorse sales. That’s why here is an overview of the outstanding real estate video ideas, their perks, and the best ways to apply them for brokers or real estate agents.

How Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas Work in Real Estate Sales

Potential clients and buyers pay attention not only to the quality of the project, but also to its submission and presentation. To distinguish your proposals among the proposals of other realtors, you should think about and work on marketing of your projects.

Everyone who has been searching and choosing an apartment or a house had a situation where the verbal description of the flat or house and the photos could not fully convey the whole situation. The video review beautifully conveys all the features of the rooms. If you have something to be interested in, a high-quality real estate video will only emphasize all the benefits.

Real estate video is not just a fashionable innovation, but a modern version of the service. which meets customer requirements. For example, due to the covid situation, this is an option that prevents unnecessary contact. Due to globalization, when you work with a person who is in another part of the planet, you can easily make even a live video presentation. Finally, society has switched to digital communication, so at least half of buyers search for housing online. Therefore, for many intermediaries or clients, the electronic version is not only one of the ways to get out of the situation, but a convenient and rational way to save time when looking for real estate. Watch perspective real estate marketing videos!

Why is Video Marketing Effective?

Using video has numerous benefits for realtors such as:

  1. Video helps to effectively demonstrate and show the premises with lots of details which are not conveyed by words or still images.
  2. Video messages are better perceived by users. The target audience is more likely to consider property and get interested in it after watching an engaging footage.
  3. A well-created video can be used multiple times, so you save your time in the long run.
  4. Movies help to quickly find a common language with buyers and sellers and avoid reckless actions. As footage provides realistic imagery of a place, home buyers will have a chance to see everything in detail and decide to become homeowners of a certain place.

How to Use Video Marketing in an Efficient Way?

Now that you know about the key advantages of video marketing, you are most probably interested in the tips and tricks of how to use it to benefit the most from this technological solution for your business.

To make engaging videos which will support your marketing and sales, you should bear in mind your target audience and the goal of any footage. However great realtor marketing ideas might seem, if they don’t address the correct public they will be less successful. Besides, knowing who your potential buyer is will help you to choose the optimal mood, language, and tone of a video. Therefore, to begin with, try to outline whose attention you’d like to attract, for instance leads, existing clients, local businesses, first time home buyers, etc. The choice of the target audience would to a large extent determine the type of video you would need to aim for.

There are plenty of real estate agent marketing ideas to choose from. Regardless of the type of footage, you should strive to make it with high-quality equipment like professional camera and microphone. Should you need drone footage, you might consider hiring a drone operator. If you don’t want to invest into expensive equipment, you might hire a specialized video marketing company to cover the technical part of the footage.

Footage should be well-thought and not too long. Keeping your message concise yet creative is the key to unlock the viewers` hearts. Real estate marketing ideas just like advertisements or promotional videos should be laconic and powerful, so when creating them you should pay particular attention to details like background music or background for branding. Besides,  interviewing your clients and using their stories as a testimonial video is a great idea too. Potential buyers can relate to such stories and would be more likely to make a deal.

Once you have ready footage, you should think of the best ways to share it. In the digital and networking era, you should make use of the available technologies and networks. Therefore, consider posting videos on social networks and inviting customers to share their feedback. You can post your videos even on social networks, namely in groups for people who are looking for properties to hire or buy. It can be both Instagram and Facebook, but both of these social networks are popular with different people, so you’d better work on two of them. Additionally, if you are a really good performer, you should create a resource for feedback. Their presence will indicate that you are a serious person and customers can work with you. Reviews can be in writing or in the form of video. 

Great Real Estate Video Ideas

Now that you know the main recommendations on how to make a real estate marketing video in a successful way, you should check out our selection of great real estate marketing ideas 2021. The best marketing ideas for real estate agents include:

1. Listing videos

This category is the must for any ambitious realtor as listing videos help to attract attention of leads. Creating listing videos isn’t rocket science and doesn`t necessarily require investing in expensive and professional equipment. A vast majority of modern smartphones have quite advanced cameras which allow to take high-quality pictures and footage. They can be edited and processed with free applications to achieve quite a decent result and create an impressive listing video.

A successful listing video should demonstrate what makes a property outstanding or appealing. It also should be interactive, so might include voice narration too.

2. Local business overviews

When buying or hiring a property, prospects need to know what sort of district and community they will be living in. They might be interested in appealing and cozy spots for family brunch,  romantic dinner, or a cup of coffee. Or they might be curious if there are local shops, supermarkets, and playgrounds in the vicinity and how accessible they are. This information should be covered in a local businesses video in order to provide a good insight for your customers and convince them to purchase or rent a certain place. 

3. Live streaming (Facebook Live or Periscope live streaming)

Live-streaming is one of the hottest trends in real estate video marketing. It has become so successful as it allows representatives of real estate business to communicate with home buyers and sellers real time. This feature makes live streaming very interactive as realtors can answer specific questions of the first time home buyers or have real time virtual tours for the interested clients. The buyers can meet a realtor as a real person which gives credibility to the real estate agent and his company.

This type of videos doesn`t require special technical skills and can be arranged with the applications like Facebook Live or Periscope. Of course, downloading them and setting things up will take some time but the results are definitely worth the effort.

4. Neighborhood tours

When prospective customers consider buying a house or condo, they don’t consider only the property itself but also the neighborhood. While you can change the property by renovating it, you can`t change the location. Therefore, as an ambitious realtor you should demonstrate attractive parks, hot spots, and infrastructure. Then your prospects will be more likely to buy or hire a house or an apartment.

A great idea for a neighborhood tour is using drone footage to give an overview of the cool places in a specific area.

5. Personalized email videos

These videos offer a great opportunity to reach the audience with a personalized message and tell a story which corresponds to their expectations. Personalized videos tell an engaging story and are much more efficient than word only email. These videos can explain the process of purchasing and selling, overview local schools or shopping districts, or contain a walk-through of a specific private property. It’s important to keep personalized email videos short, approximately 2-3 minutes. When creating a personalized video, try to cover only one question in one video and avoid making it overly complicated.

In order to send out personalized videos, you can use specialized applications or CRMs which have video emails (for example, BombBomb or LionDesk).

To conclude, video marketing offers immense opportunities for real estate marketing. It’s up to you which type of video you would use but before picking one, think of your target audience and their specific preferences. This will allow you to efficiently use footage in your real estate marketing strategy in order to sell more and faster.

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