3D Renderings is an Ideal Marketing Tool for Architects, Designers and Property Developers

Real estate has been and remains the most profitable type of investment, so there is no doubt that the demand for new housing will not decrease. Accordingly, construction volumes are growing. At the same time, there is a question of future projects qualitative presentation. 3D visualization becomes an indispensable assistant in this matter.

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The fashion for interior design and architectural exterior solutions is changing, but the approach to the presentation of future real estate has undergone the biggest changes. From drawings and models, developers around the world began to actively implement 3D images and videos as presentations. High-quality rendering quickly outpaced previous methods in entertainment and efficiency. And it may seem to some that architectural visualization is just beginning its journey as a marketing tool, but this service has proven its relevance long ago. The geography of our visualizations is proof of that: Japan, China, UAE, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Australia – list of countries in which our partners have already implemented their projects is not complete. You can view our works HERE.

What is the secret to the success of 3D architecture?


As a presentation tool, the image should impress. This effect can not be achieved by layout or drawing. And certainly not by technical drawings. Render embodies all the notions and ideas of future housing. It is obviously much more interesting for the viewer to look at a photorealistic image of the future real estate than to imagine it all doubting whether they have correctly interpreted the master plan. 3D visualization depicts not only the building itself, but also the environment (existing or which will be created later). This approach ensures the integrity and completeness of what is seen. It all depends on the idea of ​​the architect or designer, but the render creates for the viewer not just a picture, but a story.

Speed rate

High-quality 3D visualization can be implemented relatively quickly depending on the complexity of the project and the wishes of the customer (how quickly and other nuances can be read in our article). You don’t depend on the pace of construction: CGI will show you what the building will look like long before construction begins. Architectural renderings are used not only as materials to attract investors, but also as a promo for future buyers. This allows them to get acquainted with the appearance of the house during the construction phase and to imagine the potential interior decoration of their future home.


It often happens that there are changes in the project at the development stage. For 3D visualization, this situation is not critical at all: you can fix anything and at any time, assess the potential and relevance of change, avoiding significant financial costs. This is especially true when creating interior design. This may be a slight change in the fittings, or an alternative color scheme, or perhaps a complete change of concept. In any case, you can always make changes to the image and show the customer several options for the final result.


And it’s not just about interior visualization. The advantage of the technology is that the 3D artist, thanks to the competent use of light, combination of textures and post-processing, can create an image that is difficult to distinguish from a photo. This is an undeniable advantage for those who do not like to imagine.

If you are still wondering if this type of visual content is relevant to your company, or if your company is new to the field and still has doubts, VisEngine managers will provide you with comprehensive information and advice on the type of service that will be most useful for your business.

Everyone puts their meaning and significance into the concept of 3D visualization. For VisEngine, it is exclusively a tool used by designers, architects and developers. At one time we chose this direction, because the demand for such services was the lion’s share of our orders. We can say with ease that we have made considerable progress in this area.

Firstly, architectural rendering, like any narrow niche, has its own rules and features. Yes, we know exactly how to do not just CGI, but photorealistic rendering, which is difficult to distinguish from the image. Our experienced 3D artists know from experience how, taking into account all the customer wishes, to create the best final image of a property.

Secondly, the work is not limited to performing a technical task of modeling or a render creating. It is also work with the client, communication, understanding of wishes, making changes, advices in terms of the final result improvement. During the global lockdown, a well-established remote work system has become another advantage. It doesn’t matter where the customer and the contractor are – united by a common goal, we achieve incredible results.

Thirdly, each property is individual. Today we are modeling a country house, and tomorrow we conquer a skyscraper. The design project of a small studio is completed, and a restaurant or hotel complex begins. This flexibility is not boring, rather challenging both professionally and personally.

If 3D visualization is such a useful tool, isn’t it better to have a separate department that would internally cover the development of this type of material?

Apparently, if you are a powerful real estate company, which has numerous projects and needs CGI almost every day, then having your own specialist is a good idea. However, even if the scale of your company allows it, outsourcing has its advantages.

By assigning a visualization to a company that specializes in it, you can be sure that each specific task is performed by a specialist who understands a particular technology in the best way possible. Some representatives do great interior rendering, some are experts in panoramic views, and when it comes to virtual tours or walk through video, this work requires some knowledge and skills. Of course, there are talented 3D artists who are able to fulfil all these points, but it is extremely difficult to find them. You can break the work into pieces and give it to freelance staff, but you can’t guarantee that the end result will be the same quality and style.

Creation of visualizations, 3D videos and especially virtual tours, requires a powerful technique. If you are a start-up company, such an investment may be unprofitable for you. But even if you are already successful enough, but you do not need CGI as often, the cost of such equipment may not be justified.

If the order is fulfilled by a separate company, and not one person, then the process of visualizations creation is faster, because several people work in parallel. This is especially true when performing a large multi-faceted project, which includes 3D visualizations, virtual tours, 3D panoramas or CG video.

Also, working with a specific company, the communication process is much simpler and more organized, because each project is led by a manager assigned to this project, who knows the details and nuances. As a customer, you communicate directly with him, and he is already responsible for the specialists who perform the tasks, load distribution, work issues and deadlines. That is, you can not spend your time controlling the process itself, but calmly wait for the end result.

Effective marketing is necessary to attract investors and attract potential customers. 3D visualization is a proven and reliable tool for your goals achievement, which is able to provide the advantage of your real estate project in the local and global market. So if you haven’t tried it yet, why not do it now?

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