Hotel Rendering - 3 Reasons to Use This Ideal Marketing Tool

Hotel architectural visualizations are not the first association that arises when CGI is mentioned. However, their importance and prospects should not be underestimated. This is a powerful tool that qualitatively demonstrates all the benefits of your project and is simply indispensable for presentations.

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When it comes to interior 3D visualization, the first thing that comes to mind is individual design projects. And this is not surprising, because the lion’s share of orders for CGI interiors is the modeling of the apartments and houses future decoration.

But there is one area, which in itself is not only interesting, but also a challenge for both architects and 3D artists. We are talking about architectural visualization in the hotel industry.

What is the complexity and challenge?

Apparently, the difference is for whom the rendering is performed.

If it is a private design project, then the spectator is the customer. The architect, listening to the thoughts and wishes of the client, creates a dream for him. And this work should be a reflection of how a person or family who has entrusted the planning of their future home to a designer or architect sees their future home. At the same time, together with the implementation of the customer’s ideas, the professional takes into account the necessary technical aspects, skillfully advises and guides. Therefore, visualization becomes a reflection of joint work and an element of a consensus reaching in the vision of the final result.

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In this version, there is a possibility for edits and improvements, but all corrections are aimed at making the customer feel that the image he sees on the monitor is what he wants to get in the end.

Speaking of 3D for the hotel industry, the visualization “speaks” not to the guests who will live there, but to developers and investors. And here there are nuances, because it is likely that in the first stage image will be considered more than critical, if we are talking about a competition or tender. In this case, the visualizations are required not only to be accurate and high quality in execution, but also to be able to touch and impress. In the future, it is the visualization that will create an interior that will take into account the smallest, but no less important details for the future stay of guests, all the interesting things and wow-moments.

Usually the work of 3D images making is provided for outsource by architectural and design team working on the development of the hotel. This has its advantages. Firstly, you can not worry about the final result – the development team will do everything exactly according to the technical task, and experience will help to perform the work as efficiently as possible. Secondly, time is freed up for more detailed project development, search for new ideas and, most importantly, preparation of the concept presentation.

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What are the strengths of the hotel 3D visualization?

1. The final image exterior of the building

The building from the outside is the first thing a person sees when approaching it. And the first impression, as you know, is impossible to make twice. In the hotel issue, this image is seen at the presentation by investors. Therefore, its quality and effectiveness are no less important, rather even decisive. At this stage, a high-quality 3D image aims to show all the details of the building as if the viewer could see them in reality. This allows not only to assess the attractiveness of the architecture, but also to determine how much it corresponds to the brand image, if we talk about the network.

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Another important point that we are never tired of talking and emphasizing about. Exterior 3D hotel rendering is not just an image of a building, but of everything that surrounds it or will surround it. In reality, no house stands apart from other houses, trees and streets. The surrounding infrastructure is always present, moreover, it has a significant impact on the perception of the building itself.

At VisEngine, we support the idea that future architecture is surrounded by objects that already exist or are planned. First, it creates a comprehensive vision of the object. Secondly, it immediately becomes clear how much the future hotel building harmonizes with the environment. These factors should not be underestimated, as they determine how future guests and passers-by will perceive the property.

And, of course, the exterior hotel visualization immediately reflects all the advantages of the complex: the presence of a beach or pool, landscaping, play areas, etc., which assesses how much the hotel infrastructure will satisfy the wishes of different categories of visitors.

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2. Impressive interiors

Here we are talking about two types of premises: common areas, such as lobby or corridors, and directly hotel rooms.

The hotel lobby welcomes guests, greets them and, to some extent, sets the tone of the mood. When designing it, not only comfort is taken into account, the main point is the aesthetic component. Let’s agree, expensive materials, stylish design, favorable lighting – everything in the complex should impress guests at first sight. Hotel 3D visualization will help to test the boldest design decisions to easily implement the best of them later.

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As for the hotel interior 3D visualizations of the rooms, it probably doesn’t make sense to prove their necessity. In addition to being an ideal promotional material, hotel rendering not only shows the prospects of the future interior, but also helps in its development. And this allows to do several design options, choose the most profitable option and reduce costs during construction.

3. Spectacular areas of leisure and recreation

The hotel is not just a guest rooms. A significant part of the hotel area is also occupied by restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, spas, conference rooms etc. And the development of their design and visualizations for them is no less important than the decoration of the rooms themselves. The design must emphasize the aesthetic and functional advantages of such premises and, of course, correspond to the general style and concept of the hotel.

Thanks to 3D rendering, it is possible to embody any idea of ​​the author and demonstrate how visitors can use this or that room. After all, these halls can be used not only by hotel guests, but also for rent, which is another source of income for the complex.

Hotel CGI allows to present every aspect of the hospitality industry in such a way as to best explain its essence to investors and businessmen who have no experience in architecture. Thus, the concept of the future complex is one step closer to its implementation.

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